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International Programs

From our study abroad programs in Barbados and Maastricht, to our constitutional law research project in the Republic of Georgia, Washburn Law provides students and faculty opportunities to learn about the law globally.

Study Abroad Offerings

Washburn Law Summer Law Program - University of the West Indies, Barbados

Photograph: Beach in Barbados.Washburn's affordable Summer Law Program in Barbados provides students an opportunity to understand their legal systems more fully through comparative study of the Caribbean system. In this faculty-led program, students study with faculty and peers from the United States and across the Caribbean, all while living in a stimulating West Indian university environment. The program takes place during the first summer session so that students can continue their studies at Washburn or intern at home during second session. Financial aid applies and scholarships are available. The program is open to law students from other universities, as well.

Washburn Law Summer Law Program - Osaka, Japan

Photograph: Osaka Castle from Nishinomaru Garden, Osaka, Japan (photo courtesy Midori/ Washburn's affordable summer program in Osaka, Japan gives students the opportunity to study Comparative Constitutional Law with Professor Craig Martin and students from Japan and other parts of the world. Japan is one of the United States' most important allies and trade partners. Its constitutional history is deeply linked to American constitutional design but also completely unique in many ways. The two countries also have long-standing fascination with each other's cultures. Live and study in a large and thriving but safe Asian city.

Semester Abroad Exchange Program - Maastricht University Faculty of Law

Photograph: Building in Maastricht, The Netherlands.Washburn's Semester Abroad Exchange Program in Maastricht allows Washburn Law students who have completed at least one year of course work to study international law and comparative law with the faculty of law at Maastricht University in The Netherlands. Maastricht University has a highly regarded law program and is centrally located for an ideal European travel experience. Under the terms of our exchange agreement, up to four Washburn Law students may study at Maastricht in a given academic year. Washburn also receives up to four exchange students from Maastricht University per year, typically hailing from The Netherlands and other parts of Europe. The program is open only to Washburn Law J.D. students, and requires at least a 2.6 cumulative GPA.

External Programs: Procedures and Support

Students who wish to participate in an ABA-accredited study abroad program other than those listed above are encouraged to pursue their interests. In order to qualify for internal study abroad scholarships and for credit transfer, students must follow approval and application procedures at Washburn Law in addition to any application process required by the host law school. For internal application instructions, see our external study abroad information page.

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As early as 1968, Washburn recognized that the practice of law was becoming increasingly global and responded with a summer-abroad program. Washburn Law now expands students' understanding of different legal systems through its summer program at The University of the West Indies on Barbados and its semester-long program at Maastricht University in the Netherlands.

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