Application for the Washburn Law-Maastricht University Study Abroad Program


Washburn University School of Law Law J.D. students are qualified to seek enrollment in the Program when they:

  • Have completed one year of full-time study before the semester of departure; and
  • Have a 2.6 cumulative GPA through the semester or summer session preceding the semester abroad.

Students wishing to enroll in the Program are strongly encouraged to consider studying in Maastricht during either their fourth or fifth semesters of law school. Students are more likely to perform well academically after at least one semester of 2L studies, and may also find it easier to meet graduation requirements if they are studying in Topeka for their final semester.

WARNING: Third-year students enrolled in "Period 5" classes (held April through June) at Maastricht will not have their Maastricht grades in time to qualify to take the July Kansas bar exam.

Application Process

Law School Application. Students interested in applying to the Maastricht study abroad program for the fall or spring semesters of the following academic year should submit the following items to the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs by the February 1 deadline:

  1. A personal statement indicating the student's reasons for attending Maastricht University. The statement should include: how the Maastricht program will impact the student's legal education and how the student believes his or her life experiences demonstrate the student's ability to adapt to a new environment and excel in an international academic environment. The statement should consist of 500-750 words.
  2. A current résumé.
  3. Two references, one of whom must be a law professor. No letters of recommendation should be submitted with the application, only the telephone numbers, email addresses, and mailing addresses of the chosen references.
  4. A copy of the student's law school transcript, obtained from Donna Haverkamp, Student Records Administrator, Dean's Office.
  5. A statement of which semester the student wishes to be enrolled in the program.
  6. A completed Academic Advising Form.

The Associate Dean for Academic Affairs will notify the student whether he or she will be admitted to the program. The decision is subject to the Dean's discretion, and further information, such as a meeting or additional references, may be needed.

Washburn University Application. By the March 1 deadline, the student should apply for the Maastricht program through Washburn University's Office of International Programs. The online application process through WU's "BodsAbroad" system ensures that students traveling abroad are fit to travel, eligible for emergency support provided by the university, and eligible for student travel health insurance. Apply to the Program through "Program Search," and be sure to apply for the OIP study abroad scholarship program, as well. Both applications must be completed by March 1.

A modest $75.00 non-refundable application fee will be charged to the student's Washburn University account.

External Application. The final step in the application process is for the student to complete the Maastricht University application for incoming Faculty of Law exchange students. Washburn's Director of International Legal Programs will nominate the student to the Maastricht Program no later than April 15 for Fall semester studies, or September 15 for Spring semester studies. Maastricht will then send an application packet to the student. The student must complete the Maastricht application by the mid-May deadline for Fall studies, or the mid-October deadline for Spring studies. For precise dates, see the Faculty of Law's website for incoming exchange students.

Final Academic Advising. In April, Mastricht University's Faculty of Law will post the list of English-language law courses open to international exchange students. Once the list is posted, the student should contact the Director of International Legal Programs to schedule an academic advising appointment. Please bring the following to the appointment, which ideally should be scheduled in April:

  1. The list of available courses
  2. A list of which courses you would like to take
  3. The academic advising form submitted to the Dean the previous February.

The Director will confer with the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs to determine whether any additional advising is needed, and will assist the student in completing the registration process.

Withdrawal Procedure

In the event that a student wishes to withdraw his or her application, a written statement is required indicating the student's desire to withdraw. The statement must be submitted to both the Director of International Legal Programs and Washburn University's International Programs Office. Students who need to withdraw an application are encouraged to do so as soon as possible so that any students on the "wait list" can have an opportunity to enroll.