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Washburn University and the Republic of Georgia Judicial Independence and Legal Empowerment Project

In 2011, Washburn University School of Law received an $800,000 grant from the United States Department of State, Agency for International Development, to work with law schools and legal educators in the Republic of Georgia on a project to enhance legal education in that country. Representatives from Washburn Law selected the law school at Free University of Tbilisi (FUT) as our primary partner for this project. Since that time, faculty members from each law school have visited the campus of the other, and more than half of the Washburn Law faculty members have been engaged in one or more of the ongoing joint projects.

In spring 2013, Washburn Law faculty participated in a week of activities focused on Georgian and U.S. Commercial Law, participated in an intensive workshop on teaching methods, continued work on development of Georgian library research materials, and completed a visit assisting in development of a commercial law clinical program at FUT.  Washburn Law and FUT students also joined in a video conference to discuss current constitutional issues; representatives from the two schools have continued monthly video conferences, developing ideas for future collaboration. This summer and fall, plans were made for a wide range of future activities that will take place within the next fiscal year.  The focus of these conferences is now shifting as the parties focus on prospects for collaboration that may be sustained after termination of the current grant.

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