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LL.M. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Do I need a law degree to apply to the program?

Yes, applicants must have a first level law degree from a non-U.S. law school or faculty of law, granted prior to the start of the LL.M. program.

2. Are there part-time options?


3. Is there a spring admissions class?

Yes, students may begin Washburn Law's LL.M. program in January.

4. Can I transfer credits from another LL.M. program?

No. Credits from a non-Washburn Law LL.M. program will not be accepted toward our LL.M. program.

5. Do I need to take the LSAT?

No. If you have taken it, however, you may wish to report your score.

6. Do you offer on-line courses?


7. When is the LL.M. application deadline?

  • Admission decisions are made on a rolling basis.
  • Your application will be processed when all items listed have been received by Washburn Law.
  • Application deadline to begin the LL.M. program in August (Fall) is June 1.
  • Application deadline to begin the LL.M. program in January (Spring) is November 1.
  • Applications submitted after the deadlines will be considered but students who need to obtain a visa to study in the U.S. should apply much earlier than the application deadline to allow time for the government to process their visa application.

8. How do you make admission decisions?

The Admissions Committee may consider various personal, professional, and academic measures. These include, but are not limited to, academic performance, work and professional experience, personal statement, letters of recommendation, language scores, and video-conference interviews.

9. How will I become eligible to apply for an F-1 student visa?

You will apply through the Washburn University Office of International Programs at the same time you apply to the Washburn Law LL.M. program. For more details, see International Student & Scholar Services on the Office of International Programs website. Questions regarding the process of obtaining your Form 1-20 or F-1 visa, and/or US CIS (Immigration) regulations, should be sent to

10. Can LL.M. students transfer to the J.D. program?

Students who graduate from the LL.M. program may apply to the J.D. program as transfer students. If admitted, Washburn may apply some portion of their LL.M. credits toward the J.D., and some credits from their first law degree may be eligible for transfer credit as well.

11. How will I be notified of my application decision?

You will generally be notified by email, as well as by regular post, unless you request otherwise in your application.

12. If I am admitted, but am unable to attend, is it possible to defer to the following year?

Yes, provided a seat deposit is paid to hold your spot.

13. How do students select and register for courses?

When you arrive at Washburn, the LL.M. program director will meet with you to design your program and help you select the courses best suited for the educational goals you set.

14. What test do you require to show English proficiency?

All the variations of the TOEFL will be accepted and any comparable internationally- respected test will be considered.

15. When does the program begin?

The program will begin each year in August. The exact dates of the orientation program are determined in late spring/early summer.

16. Can I work in the United States after getting my degree?

This depends on the type of visa you obtain, and your immigration status. For example, most LL.M. students in F-1 immigration status may apply for Optional Practical Training (OPT) to work in a law-related job in the United States for up to one year after graduation. Our Office of International Programs can provide more information, and help you with this process.

17. If I am a current United States resident but not a citizen, can I still qualify to apply to this program as a foreign lawyer?

Yes. For purposes of admission to the LL.M. program, a foreign lawyer is anyone, regardless of immigration or citizenship status, whose law degree was earned outside of the United States.

18. If I receive an LL.M. degree from Washburn, am I eligible for admission to a U.S. state bar?

An LL.M. from Washburn makes you eligible to take the bar exam in several states, including New York, California, and Texas. Our LL.M program director will work with you to explore the available options, and to make sure your program achieves your desired goals.