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Each student begins study for the Master of Studies in Law (M.S.L.) degree by enrolling in an introductory course designed especially for the program.  The course provides a background in legal analysis, research, and writing and also prepares students to take law school examinations.

In all other courses, M.S.L. students participate along with J.D. students and are subject to the same academic standards. They are expected to enroll in one or more foundation courses suited to their individualized career path, and to choose elective courses for the balance of their degree.

Elective courses designed to complement the career paths of the M.S.L. students are selected within identified subject areas.  These course selections are guided by a member of the law school faculty, and generally follow the framework provided by existing Centers and certificate programs reflecting the particular strengths of Washburn Law.

M.S.L. students will meet with a career path advisor prior to taking classes to determine a course of study. Enrollment in all courses is subject to approval.

Details on the career paths of the M.S.L. program can be found under the following links:

Course Offerings

Course offerings vary from year to year. See the Class Schedules section for lists of upcoming courses.