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6/25/2021 Visiting Student Financial Aid Update
Washburn University is seeking authority to process financial aid for VISITING STUDENTS.
Visiting students will be notified as soon as the U.S. Department of Education responds to Washburn's request.
Note that Washburn already has the ability to process financial aid for TRANSFER students.

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Page updated: July 20, 2021.

Dear Florida Coastal Law Students:

Due to the exigent circumstances, Washburn Law will afford all transfer students from Florida Coastal a scholarship that reduces their tuition to the Kansas resident in-state rate.

I. Transfer Students

Florida Coastal students who apply for transfer admission to Washburn Law may expect a decision on their application within 7 business days of Washburn’s receipt of the complete application.

a. Rising 2Ls Application for Admission

Rising 2L students may apply to Washburn Law as transfer students in the ordinary course, and if admitted, must meet all Washburn Law academic requirements to earn the J.D. degree.

b. Rising 3Ls Application for Admission

Rising 3L students may apply to Washburn Law as a transfer student. To qualify for consideration, rising 3L students must have a cumulative law school GPA of at least 2.5. This minimum threshold is being imposed to ensure that students have demonstrated the ability to succeed on the bar exam.

Washburn will accept all credits earned at Florida Coastal Law School up to a maximum of 60 credit hours. A student enrolling at Washburn as a 3L must complete at least 30 credit hours of coursework at Washburn Law to earn the J.D. degree from Washburn. The transferring 3L student must meet all requirements for graduation that are required pursuant to ABA Standards, including successful completion of the Professional Responsibility course, 6 credits of Experiential Learning, and the Upper Level Writing requirement. If these requirements were completed at Florida Coastal, they do not need to be repeated at Washburn.

c. Admission to Washburn Law Does NOT Guarantee Enrollment in the Third Year Anywhere™

1) Applying to Third Year Anywhere™

  • Students admitted to Washburn University School of Law as 3L transfer students with a law school cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher may apply to enroll in the Third Year Anywhere™ enrollment option (see below).
  • Students admitted to Washburn Law with a cumulative law school GPA lower than 3.0 may complete their coursework through Washburn’s online course offerings or by relocating to Topeka, Kansas and taking coursework in-person.

To apply for the Third Year Anywhere™ enrollment option, email Dean Shawn Leisinger at within 3 business days of your admission to Washburn Law. Enrollment in the Third Year Anywhere™ is limited so interested students should apply immediately upon being admitted to Washburn Law. There is no cost to apply for the Third Year Anywhere™.

2) After Being Accepted Into Third Year Anywhere™

Rising 3L students who are accepted into the Third Year Anywhere™ enrollment option must secure an externship placement in the city or town where they will live during the third year of law school by July 1, 2021. Students who do not have an externship placement secured by July 1, will NOT be enrolled in the Third Year Anywhere™ and must complete their coursework on campus in Topeka, Kansas. An externship placement is not secured until approved in writing by a Washburn Law faculty member and approved by the supervising attorney who has signed the Washburn Law externship agreement.

II. Visiting Students

Washburn Law will permit Florida Coastal students to enroll as visiting students. However, visiting students are still Florida Coastal students and as such, must have Florida Coastal process their financial aid. Florida Coastal may not be able to process student financial aid due to the U.S Department of Education's revocation of its Title IV status. Consequently, students seeking to visit Washburn should check with Florida Coastal regarding the financial support it can provide to the student. Visiting students are NOT eligible to apply for financial aid through the Washburn financial aid office, and are NOT eligible to participate in the Third Year Anywhere™ enrollment option at Washburn Law. Students enrolling at Washburn Law as visiting students will NOT earn the J.D. degree from Washburn University School of Law.

III. Fall 2021 Online Course Offerings

Click course name to view description (opens in a new window). See also the Fall 2021 and Spring 2022 class schedules.

Asynchronous via D2L (D2L is the Course Management Platform Washburn uses. All students will receive online training on how to use it.)

Synchronous via Zoom

Current Washburn Law Students, NOTE:

  • Please be advised that all of the above courses count as distance education. Consequently, if you are a 2L student who intends to participate in Third Year Anywhere™ during your 3L year you should NOT enroll in any of the above courses. ABA accreditation standards limit distance education for the J.D. degree to 30 credits. This means that 2L students intending to enroll in Third Year Anywhere™ must save their distance education credits for the third year of law school.

Information Session for Florida Coastal Law Students Considering Washburn Law, Wednesday, May 25, 2021

See below for topics covered in this session and a time index. Watch the video (1:12:03) (new window opens)

Photograph: Preston Nicholson.

  • Introductions (0:00:40)
  • About Washburn Law and Topeka (0:02:50)
  • Curriculum Options / Courses / Third Year Anywhere™ (0:06:10)
  • Website for Explaining Policies and Requirement for Transfer or Visiting (0:07:40)
  • Tuition Rate (Kansas in-state) (0:10:30)
  • Waiver Possible for Expired LSAT Score (0:12:50)
  • Begin Questions (0:12:05)
  • Will Washburn Try to Partner With Private Lenders (e.g., Sallie Mae)? (0:13:25)
  • Do Pass/Fail (e.g., internship) Credits Transfer? (0:16:10)
  • Is Washburn a Yellow Ribbon Participant? What Rate is Matched Through Yellow Ribbon?
  • Is There a Specific GPA Required to Participate in Third Year Anywhere™? Is There a Cap on the Number of Students, and if so, What is the Cap? (0:18:50)
  • The Florida Coastal Evidence Class is four (4) Credit Hours so mos Students Will Have 61 Hours. Will Students Who Transfer Lose That Class? (0:20:55)
  • Do Third Year Anywhere™ Credit Hours Come in Different "Packages"? Does Washburn Law Have a Pre-Approved List of Third Year Anywhere™ Placements? (0:21:45)
  • What is the Time Expectations for Reviewing Florida Coastal Law Student Applications? Are They Review on a Rolling Basis? (0:26:10)
  • I'm Sending My Transcript From the Florida Coastal Dean's Office. Is That Ok? (0:30:30)
  • How Many Credits Have to be Earned at Florida Coastal to be Considered a Washburn Law 3L Who Qualifies for Third Year Anywhere™? (0:32:20)
  • Does the Transcript That I Uploaded Last Week to LSAC Get Incorporated Into the CAS Report or Do I Still Need to Send the Transcript Separately? (0:37:45)
  • Are Students Limited to the ABA Maximum of 18 Credit Hours Per Semester? (0:38:50)
  • Will We Still Be Able to Take the 30 Credits Needed to Graduate Virtually After the ABA Variance is No Longer in Place? (0:39:40)
  • Is Third Year Anywhere™ Limited to Transfer Students Only or Can Visiting Students Also Participate? (0:40:35)
  • What Kind of Online Classes Are Available to Third Year Anywhere™ Students? (0:41:05)
  • What is the Link for the Class Schedules? (0:43:55)
  • Are Scholarships Being Considered for Florida Coastal Law Students Who Are Transferring and Highly Ranked? (0:44:10)
  • If We Are Admitted, How Long Do We Have to Accept the Admissions Offer? Then, How Long to Accept Admission to Third Year Anywhere™? (0:44:55)
  • Is There an Option for Taking Other Classes Online, i.e., one semester in-person and one semester online? (0:48:29)
  • Is a 3.0 GPA Required to be Admitted to Washburn Law? (0:50:09)
  • Is It Ok to Have Florida Coastal Send the Transcript to (0:51:00)
  • Is it Ok to Use the Same Letters of Recommendation and Personal Statement That We Used When Applying to Florida Coastal? (0:51:25)
  • Do You Want/Need Our Spring Grades Now or Should We Wait Until Our Intersession Grades Are Available? (0:52:45)
  • If Someone is Close to a 3.0 GPA Can They Take a Summer Course at Washburn Law to Hopefully Increase their GPA to Qualify for Third Year Anywhere™ or is the 3.0 GPA Required When Applying? (0:54:50)
  • I Cannot Relocate to Topeka But I Have an Intership Already in Place. Will That Help With Third Year Anywhere™? (0:57:45)
  • When Will Decisions About Third Year Anywhere™ Be Made? (058:45)
  • To Apply and Not Participate in Third Year Anywhere™ a 3.0 GPA is not Needed, Correct? (1:01:15)
  • Does Washburn Law Need to See Spring 2021 Grades? (1:02:40)
  • Florida Coastal Students Typically Take Professional Responsibility in Their Third Year. Will it Be Offered and Available as an Online Course? (1:05:00)
  • There are Two Options When Applying Through LSAC, Fall 2021 and Spring 2022. Which Should I Choose? (1:06:26)
  • Not Sure When Spring Florida Coastal Grades Will Come In, Can a Decision Be Made Before Spring Grades Are Available? (1:08:30)
  • Thanks Everyone for Attending. Feel Free to Email Me at if You Have Any Other Questions (1:11:15)

Please Do These Things Before August 23

We are excited that you have decided to attend Washburn Law! We would appreciate it you could do the following three things.

    1. Submit a photo for your Washburn ID (iCard)
      • In order for us to have your Washburn ID card ready in your orientation packet when you checkin on Monday, August 23, please upload your photo at
        • Login with your credentials, generally, plus your password.
        • Problems logging in or need help activating your account?
          Please contact Washburn University Information Technology Services (ITS) at (785) 670-3000. Have your Washburn ID number (W followed by 8-digits) available when you call; your ID number was sent to you from the Washburn Law Admissions Office by Cory Payne in an email.
      • After logging in: click the "Upload ID Photo" quick link then "Choose File" under Upload ID Photo.
      • Your photo should meet these specifications (199 KB PDF) (generally, full color; clear with good contrast; WHITE background; centered, frontal view of full face and shoulders; no hats/headgear except those worn daily for religious reasons; no articles not visible in your government issued ID; jpg file format; include first and last name as part of the filename).
      • Questions about uploading your photo can be sent to or call (785) 670-1188.
    2. Complete and Submit the Profile Information Form
      • Completing the Profile Information Form will expedite First Week Check In and help us get to know you better.
      • Information from the form is also used to compile the law school directory.
      • For your address, please use the address where you expect to be during the fall semester.
    3. Complete and Submit the Consent to Release Information Form
      • Download the Consent form (105 KB PDF)
      • Print your name on the line at the top of the form.
      • Place a checkmark next to each item for which you are granting consent.
      • Sign and date the form.
      • Scan the form or take a picture of it and email the picture to
      • Questions about the form can be sent to or call (785) 670-1185.
      • Changes to your consent can be made after submitting the form by contacting Donna Haverkamp, Law School Student Records Administrator, at

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