Applying to Washburn Law: Applicants With GRE Scores

The ABA Council on Legal Education announced on November 30, 2021 that it finds the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) to be a reliable and valid test for use in law school admissions.

Washburn Law now accepts GRE scores.

We know that many well-qualified applicants often cannot afford to take an examination for graduate school and the LSAT. Washburn Law is excited to offer this flexibility by providing another avenue for law school admission.

Applicants who apply with a GRE score will have their application reviewed holistically just as we review all applicants with traditional LSAT scores. GRE scores older than five years will not be accepted. GRE scores are valid for five years from the date the test was administered. GRE applicants should ensure their scores will not expire before the first day of class for whichever term they apply.

The law school will continue to accept LSAT scores from applicants. However, an applicant who would like to be considered with a GRE score must not have a valid LSAT score. Applicants with a valid LSAT score must apply to Washburn Law using their LSAT score.

For students admitted to Washburn Law with a GRE score, taking the LSAT after your admission will trigger a secondary review of your application. This review may result in your admission being rescinded if your LSAT score suggests that you may not be able to succeed in the academic program at Washburn Law.

GRE applicants who are admitted to Washburn Law with an undergraduate GPA of 3.6 or higher are guaranteed a minimum scholarship of at least $5000.

Applying to Washburn Law With a GRE Score

Applicants who wish to apply for admission to Washburn Law with a GRE score should follow the procedure described for First Time Applicants.

In addition to steps 1 and 2, the applicant should also complete the third step of requesting that ETS send the applicant's GRE score(s) to Washburn Law. See frequently asked questions below.

GRE Application Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Washburn Law's GRE school code?

Our school code is 3277.

How do I submit my GRE score to Washburn Law?

Applicants will have GRE scores sent directly from ETS. Please indicate Washburn Law's school code on the score report request you submit to ETS.

Can I pick which GRE score(s) to send?

Washburn Law requires each GRE applicant to submit all GRE scores for the past five years. If you are seeking admission based on your LSAT score, you are not required to provide us with your GRE score(s).

Do I need to submit a CAS report?

GRE applicants will be required to register with LSAC's Credential Assembly Service (CAS) to have transcripts processed and sent to Washburn Law. CAS also supplies the law school with a report of the applicant's academic profile, transcripts, and letter(s) of recommendation.

If I have taken the LSAT, do I have to submit the score along with my GRE score?

Yes. If you have taken the LSAT, it will be included on your CAS report that you will submit to Washburn Law.

If I do not have an LSAT score, how will Washburn Law receive my CAS report?

Washburn Law will request your CAS report from LSAC once we receive your official GRE score report from ETS. Your file will be considered "ready for review" once we have received your application, your GRE score report, your CAS report containing your undergraduate transcript(s), and at least one letter of recommendation.

Does your school prefer the LSAT or GRE?

We do not have a preference. The faculty admissions committee will accept a GRE score or an LSAT score. However, if you have taken both the LSAT and the GRE, we will use your LSAT score to determine whether you are admitted to Washburn Law.

When can I apply?

Our priority application date is April 1 for fall admission and November 1 for spring admission, although we will continue to accept applications after the priority dates.

Am I eligible for scholarship funding if I apply with a GRE score?


What else do I need to know?

Please see Frequently Asked Admissions Questions.

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