Credential Assembly Service (CAS)

What is the CAS?

The Credential Assembly Service (CAS) is available through the Law School Admissions Council (LSAC) as a means of centralizing and standardizing your undergraduate academic records to simplify the law school admission process. At the request of the law school, CAS sends your report after you submit your application to the school. Your report contains biographic information, academic information, Law School Admission Test (LSAT) score(s), and letters of recommendation.

Information contained in the report includes:

  • An undergraduate academic summary;
  • Copies of all undergraduate, graduate, and law school/professional school transcripts;
  • LSAT scores and writing sample copies; and
  • Copies of letters of recommendation processed by LSAC.

There are four steps to complete your CAS file:

  1. Register for the CAS and pay all required fees. Be sure to order and pay for all the law school reports you will need.
  2. Take the LSAT or use a prior LSAT score that is valid and reportable.
  3. Request that one official transcript be sent to LSAC from the registrar's office of each college you have attended.
  4. Apply to Washburn Law. Upon receipt of your application, the Washburn Law Admissions Office will request your report from LSAC.

How to Register With CAS

There is no registration deadline when applying with CAS, however you should be sure to register in advance of our application priority dates: April 1 for the Fall semester and November 1 for the Spring semester. Your CAS period will extend for five years from your registration date. If you register for a LSAT at any time during your CAS period, the CAS period will be extended five years from your latest LSAT registration.

There are two ways to register with CAS:

  1. online at; or
  2. by telephone at (215) 968-1001.

Checking Your File Status


You can check the up-to-date status of your LSAC file online at Through this service CAS registrants can check:

  • receipt or nonreceipt of transcripts;
  • receipt of letters of recommendation;
  • reports requested by or sent to a law school;
  • receipt of your electronic applications submitted through LSAC;
  • the name and telephone number of the prelaw advisor at your four-year undergraduate degree-granting school.

At Washburn Law

Taking the LSAT
Please see Frequently Asked Admissions Questions for information about the number of times the LSAT can be taken.