Tuition & Costs

Washburn University School of Law is a public law school that offers a high quality legal education at a reasonable cost. Tuition is competitive with other public law schools, and well below most private institutions. Convenient housing is readily available and affordable, keeping the cost of living well below that of other cities.

Tuition & Fees
(estimated for 2024-2025)

  • The student activity fee is $55 per semester.
  • A typical course of study to obtain the J.D. degree is 90 hours over six semesters/three years.
  • First year of study consists of 29 hours (14 hours the first semester, 15 hours the second semester).
  • Residents of Colorado, Missouri, Texas, Oklahoma, and Nebraska are eligible for in-state tuition through the Interstate Tuition Waiver Program (ITWP).
  • Active duty and veteran military who have received an honorable discharge (shown on DD Form 214), their spouses, and dependents qualify for in-state tuition.

$25,462 — Full-time Kansas Residents and ITWP Participants
Resident tuition is $878 per credit hour.

$38,570Full-time Non-Kansas Resident/Non-ITWP Participant
Non-Kansas resident/Non-ITWP Participant tuition is $1,330 per credit hour.
Note: After 6 months you can qualify for in-state tuition by establishing residency.

$440 - Academic Materials Fee per semester (or $880 per year)


The Washburn University Financial Aid Office uses the following estimated Cost of Attendance (Books through Transportation) for a nine-month period (fall/spring) in calculating financial aid awards. See the cost of attendance at the Washburn financial aid website.

Students are able to seek an adjustment with the Washburn University Financial Aid Office to the following cost of attendance items. See "Appeals" on the Washburn University Financial Aid Forms webpage.


Will vary depending on type of course.

Room and Board

Apartment rental in the Topeka area is reasonably priced. For example, a 700 square foot two-bedroom apartment with amenities in a good neighborhood is available for $500.00 to $700.00 per month. For additional information on housing see the Washburn Law Student Apartment Survey or Sunflower Association of Realtors if you are interested in a house.

Utilities and food expenses are included with room and board.


Examples of personal include: clothing, laundry, personal care, entertainment, and other miscellaneous items.


Provides an estimate of costs for mileage and vehicle maintenance. The purchase of a vehicle or car payments are not included.


There is no fee for parking on the Washburn University campus. Parking lots are available west and northwest of the law school.

Totals (for 2023-2024)

$40,340 - Estimated costs for full-time Kansas/Colorado/Missouri/Texas/Oklahoma/Nebraska resident (tuition, activity fee, books, room and board, personal, transportation).

$46,723 - Estimated costs for full-time non-Kansas/Colorado/Missouri/Texas/Oklahoma/Nebraska resident who begins in the fall semester but becomes a Kansas resident by the second semester (based on 29 hours required for first-year students). For more information see Residency Qualifications.

$53,106 - Estimated costs for full-time non-Kansas resident/non-ITWP Participant who does not qualify for Kansas residency by the start of second semester.

Additional information regarding the cost of attendance may be obtained by contacting us at (785) 670-1185. See also Financial Policies related to payments and refunds.

Loan Fees

Note that students who take advantage of loans will be responsible for the following fees in addition to the totals shown above:

  • $197 – Resident and Non-Resident

Loan fees are estimated and are contingent upon total amount borrowed.

Scholarships and Financial Aid

Upon admission to Washburn Law, each student is automatically considered for institutional scholarships. For most scholarships no additional information is required. These are merit-based scholarships, awarded from our general scholarship fund. Scholarships are made possible in part through generous contributions from alumni and friends.

For information about financial aid and loans, visit the Washburn University Financial Aid Office web site or call them at (785) 670-1151.

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Qualify for In-State Tuition
  • Current Kansas, Colorado, Missouri, Texas, Oklahoma, and Nebraska residents can attend Washburn Law at resident tuition rates.
  • Residents of all other states can qualify for in-state tuition after only six months (e.g., non-resident students living in Kansas by July 1 prior to their first fall semester can take advantage of resident tuition when they enroll for the second semester in January).
  • Active duty and veteran military who have received an honorable discharge (shown on DD Form 214), their spouses, and dependents qualify for in-state tuition.
Payment Deadlines

See the Washburn University website for information.

Summer Tuition and Costs

Tuition for summer courses is charged at the same rate as the previous fall/spring; total summer tuition is dependent upon the number of hours enrolled. Note: a student qualifies for the Kansas Resident rate if residency is established six months prior to the first day of the first class offered in the summer.

Paying for Law School

The Law School Admission Council (LSAC) reviews options for paying for law school on their website. Topics covered include:

  • Determining eligibility
  • Applying for financial aid
  • Living on a budget
  • Repayment options

Law school tuition does not depend on whether courses are offered in person or online. The law school reserves the right to move some or all instruction online if the law school deems it necessary and appropriate to allow students to continue with their education in a timely fashion.

Tuition may change annually pursuant to directive of the Washburn Board of Regents.