Koch Scholars Program

In July 1994, Koch Industries, Inc. created an endowment to establish the Koch Scholars Program at Washburn University School of Law. The fund endows a premier, competitive scholarship each year for a student who plans to become actively involved in public affairs.

The Koch Scholars Program provides one inclusive scholarship to a full-time student in each fall's entering class. It includes:

  • Full tuition for the first year of law school;
  • Full resident tuition during the second and third years;
  • Partial living stipend.

Selection Criteria

Applicants to Washburn University School of Law for each fall semester whose credentials qualify for the top 10% of the applicant pool are invited to apply for the Koch Scholar Award. The applicant must submit a statement showing:

  1. the reason for interest in the law as a profession;
  2. public and community service activities; and
  3. leadership activities and potential for leadership.

The School of Law's Financial Aid Committee reviews the applications and selects finalists. The selection of the Koch Scholar is made by the Financial Aid Committee after interviewing the finalists. The selection is made prior to the admission seat deposit deadline.

Eligibility requirements to maintain the award after the first year are

  • maintain a 3.0 grade-point average,
  • no sanctions under the School of Law Honor Code, and
  • enrolled full-time at the School of Law.
About Koch Industries
Photograph: Koch Industries Headquarters building in Wichita, Kansas.

Koch Industries, Inc., based in Wichita, Kansas, is the second largest privately held company in the United States. It has interests in petroleum products and refineries, ranching, grain elevators, chemical technology products, hard minerals, real estate, and financial investments. The company was started in 1940 by Fred C. Koch and two partners from Wood River Oil & Refining Co.

In 1967, upon the death of Fred C. Koch, his son Charles Koch became chair and chief executive officer of the company, which a year later became known as Koch Industries, Inc. The company headquarters now employs 2,000 people.

Koch Industries' lawyers share their expertise with Washburn Law's students in many ways, including teaching or lecturing courses in international business transactions, oil and gas, and energy law.