The J.L. Weigand, Jr. Notre Dame Legal Education Trust

J.L. Weigand, Jr., a native of Wichita, established the Weigand Trust to actively promote excellence in legal education and to encourage the most scholastically qualified students who are long term Kansas residents to remain in or return to Kansas to practice law.

J.L. Weigand, Jr. Legal Education Trust scholarships are available exclusively to selected students who have been legal residents of Kansas for at least ten years prior to their admission to law school. Scholarships vary in amount, up to full tuition, fees, books, and a generous room and board allowance. The Trust also assists scholarship recipients with career placement in Kansas during and after their graduation from law school.

The scholarships are awarded without regard to means, race, religion, or gender to full-time law students. Scholarships are not renewed, and scholars must reapply each year. Scholarships may be rewawaded at the Trustees' sole discretion for each year of school with respect to those students who maintain standing in the top ten percent (10%) of their class, or otherwise meet satisfactory academic standards in the judgment of the Trustees.

Washburn Law Recipients

Recipient profiles are available at the Weigand Trust website.

About John L. Weigand, Jr.
Photograph: John L. Weigand, Jr.

John L. Weigand, Jr. had strong connections to both Kansas and the University of Notre Dame. He graduated from Notre Dame in 1954 with a B.S. in commerce, served as an officer in the U.S. Air Force and then received a Juris Doctor degree from Georgetown University Law Center in 1962. Mr. Weigand immediately returned to Wichita, Kansas and began to practice law with his father, Lawrence Weigand, in the firm of Weigand, Curfman, Brainerd and Harris.

As an attorney, Mr. Weigand valued the vibrant spirit and tradition of the law, and maintained a strong work ethic, a deep sense of loyalty and a fundamental notion of fair play.

Mr. Weigand remained an active member in the Kansas Bar Association and Wichita Bar Association, and faithfully served the legal community of Kansas until his retirement.

In 2003, the Weigand Foundation was established as a direct result of Mr. Weigand's foresight, intelligence, and sacrifice.

How To Apply
More Information

Contact Preston Nicholson, Assistant Dean for Admissions, at or (785) 670-1706 for more information about Weigand Scholarships.