Photograph: Washburn Law 2019-2020 student ambassadors.

2019-2020 Student Ambassadors

Washburn Law Student Ambassadors are active in the recruiting of prospective students, providing tours of the law school, and assisting the Admissions Office in a variety of special events.

Our Student Ambassadors are happy to talk with you about their experiences at Washburn Law.

Photograph: Zach Bealer.Zachary Bealer — 2L
Undergraduate School: University of Kansas
Undergraduate Major: Anthropology
Hometown: Great Bend, Kansas

"The support from Washburn Law extends beyond classroom walls. Apart from meeting with professors one-on-one, I feel that every faculty member's main goal is to help students achieve success."

Photograph: Emily Brandt.Emily Brandt — 2L
Undergraduate School: Fort Hays State University
Undergraduate Major: Political Science
Hometown: Beloit, Kansas

"As a first-generation student from rural Kansas, I chose Washburn because of the exceptional educational and extra-curricular opportunities it provides that will help me become a practicing attorney in rural areas. Programs such as the Hansen Externship in Western Kansas and the Rural Practice Organization are preparing me to be the best advocate for rural Kansas that I can be."

Photograph: Mathias Crook.Mathias Crook — 3L
Undergraduate School: Wichita State University
Undergraduate Major: History
Hometown: Rose Hill, Kansas

"Washburn is a perfect fit for someone like me who learns best in a group. The school fosters an attitude of helpfulness that starts with the faculty's dedication to the success of students. I couldn't see myself anywhere else."

Photograph: Shambria Dale.Shambria Dale — 2L
Undergraduate School: Kansas State University
Undergraduate Major: Sociology
Hometown: Kansas City, Kansas

"Washburn Law's community is like no other. Coming into law school I was nervous about how diverse it would actually be. Washburn Law tries really hard to make everyone feel included. I also love how quick and fast the professors are willing to help."

Photograph: Jerry Deering.Jerry Deering — 2L
Undergraduate School: Park University
Undergraduate Major: Social Psychology
Hometown: Kansas City, Missouri

"As a non-traditional student I was really looking for a school environment that was very student focused. I found that at Washburn, and was excited to see first-hand how supportive the school is and how the student body is cooperative rather than adversarial. There is a sense of community here that I did not feel at some of the other law schools I applied to. The faculty really means it when they say they look at the "whole person" and not just LSAT and GPA. We are all more than the sum of those numbers, and Washburn faculty understands that."

Photograph: Abbey Horn.Abbey Horn — 3L
Undergraduate School: Kansas State University
Undergraduate Major: Agriculture Economics
Hometown: McCoy, Colorado

"Washburn Law is the perfect mix of small town connections, with big city opportunities. I was raised in a small town of about thirty people and moving to the big city of Topeka was daunting. There is always a friendly smile and a helpful hand around the law school which has made the transition easy for me. The faculty has expertise in many different areas, they are dedicated to support students towards their goals."

Photograph: Tyler Pettigrew.Tyler Pettigrew — 2L
Undergraduate School: Emporia State University
Undergraduate Major: Crime & Delinquency Studies
Hometown: Emporia, Kansas

"Washburn Law's externship program gives students the opportunity to earn practical experience in various different fields of law."

Photograph: Marisol Rios Duarte.Marisol Rios Duarte — 2L
Undergraduate School: Washburn University
Undergraduate Major: Legal Studies
Hometown: Topeka, Kansas

"Washburn Law helped me find more than friends, it helped me find a family."

Photograph: Deisy Saenz.Deisy Saenz — 2L
Undergraduate School: Wichita State University
Undergraduate Major: International Studies & Spanish
Hometown: Wichita, Kansas

"Washburn Law's size has provided me with a close-knit, welcoming community with faculty and staff committed to student success. I don't just feel like a face sitting in a sea of students."

Photograph: Cody Smith.Cody Smith — 2L
Undergraduate School: University of Kansas
Undergraduate Major: History
Hometown: Alexandria, Minnesota

"Washburn Law has a close community. The students support one another, the professors are knowledgeable and want the students to succeed, and the staff stands ready to help students find career placements, help with research, and to support them as they pursue their legal education. Whether it comes to working on an appellate brief, a moot court argument, or finding a job or internship there is always a friendly face around that is willing to help."

Photograph: Desi Smith.Desiree Smith — 2L
Undergraduate School: Colorado State University
Undergraduate Major: Political Science & Communications
Hometown: Parachute, Colorado

"As a student who seeks connection and relationship with colleagues, I love that Washburn Law has an atmosphere that creates unity and support for students with each other and with the faculty and staff. From small scale study groups to all school events, Washburn Law has a program or organization for everyone to enjoy and learn from."

Photograph: Kristen Stinnett.Kristen Stinnett — 2L
Undergraduate School: Washburn University
Undergraduate Major: Legal Studies
Hometown: Wichita, Kansas

"Personally, I sometimes have a hard time asking for help and Washburn Law's faculty and staff make it very easy for me to come and ask them for help. They are very welcoming and are always willing to assist. This has made me feel much better about seeking and asking for help."

Photograph: Darby VanHoutan.Darby VanHoutan — 2L
Undergraduate School: University of Kansas
Undergraduate Major: Journalism & Political Science
Hometown: Rose Hill, Kansas

"The thing that has most positively affected me on an almost daily basis at Washburn Law is the sincerity and eagerness of not just faculty but fellow students who make themselves available for almost any question or issue I may be having but might be too nervous to ask about, especially as a first year student. Contrary to law school myths, nobody is ever trying to hide the ball."

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