Missouri and Other State Bar Exams

Missouri Bar Examination

Law students are encouraged to file an Application for Character and Fitness Report ("C & F Application") any time after beginning law school.

The Fee Schedule for students filing a C & F Application is escalating and provides for a higher fee the later the student files after starting law school.

The lowest fee of $200 is available if the student submits the C & F Application by "the first October 1 after beginning law school."

See the Missouri Board of Law Examiners website for further information.

Other State Bar Examinations

Information regarding applying for and taking the bar exam in a state other than Kansas or Missouri can generally be found on websites designed for this purpose by each state's bar admission office. The National Conference of Bar Examiners maintains contact information for all bar admission offices.

Students are strongly encouraged to research the admission and application requirements in any state where they may eventually practice. This research should be conducted early in the student's first year of law school.