Bar Review Resources

Washburn Law Library

The following bar examination study aids are on Reserve at the Circulation Desk:

  • Sample Multistate Bar Examination tests, with answers (call number KF303 .N38 year).
  • Sample Multistate Bar Examination questions, with answers and analysis: Strategies & tactics for the MBE (call number KF303 .S773)
  • Sample Multistate Essay Examination questions, with model answers, from 1997-2004 (call number KF303 .M39 year)
  • Sample Multistate Performance Tests (Kansas does not use this test) from 1996, 1997, and 2000 (call number KF303 .S25 year).
  • A wide selection of topic-specific nutshells and hornbooks.


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NOTE: The following list of bar review providers is made available as a courtesy. Washburn University School of Law does not endorse and is not involved in the sponsorship of these review courses.

Multistate Bar Examination (MBE)

The National Conference of Bar Examiners has developed and released an MBE study aid call the Multistate Bar Examination - Online Practice Exam, or MBE-OPE.

The MBE-OPE is designed to be delivered online. It consists of 100 questions drawn from recent actual MBEs, representing the same content distribution as is seen on a full-length MBE. In addition to the questions, both the correct and incorrect options have been annotated to provide guidance to examinees who are preparing to take the MBE. Finally, the test includes a scoring component that will, to a limited degree, allow examinees to gauge their overall performance and their relative performance in each of the six MBE content areas.

The MBE-OPE is available through NCBE's website. The charge for a subscription is $50, with each subscription lasting for one year from the date of purchase. While the subscription is active, examinees may take the MBE-OPE as often as they wish.

The test may be taken in a timed three-hour sitting, simulating an actual MBE administration, or on a question-by-question basis so that the examinee may consider the annotated answers in close proximity to reading the test question. After the exam is taken once, an examinee may choose to take the entire exam again or to retake only the questions that were answered incorrectly. We expect that in addition to using the MBE-OPE to gain experience and familiarity with the MBE multiple-choice format, many examinees will also use it as a learning tool for substantive content.

The National Conference of Bar Examiners has priced the MBE-OPE to ensure its accessibility to all bar examination candidates, particularly those who may lack the means to pay for expensive bar review courses.