On-Campus Interview Policies & Procedures

Formal Recruiting

The On-Campus Interview (OCI) program is an event that most law schools across the country provide. Fall OCI occurs during August and September and Spring OCI occurs during January, February, and March. Legal employers visit campus to interview first- and second-year students for summer positions and third-year students for post-graduation positions. The majority of the employers who participate are mid-size to large firms and government agencies that are able to predict their hiring needs several months to two years in advance. Smaller firms, government agencies and public interest employers may participate as well.

Washburn Law uses the web-based Symplicity system (login) to administer the on-campus interview programs. Students will use Symplicity to upload resumes and other application materials, to "bid" or apply for employers, and to view interview schedules.

Students should check the participating employer list carefully and often when determining if OCI is a good tool for their job searches. It is very important to pay attention to details throughout the OCI process, as well as to research employers carefully before submitting application materials. It is recommended that students target selected employers based on the skills and experience required of the position, geographical preference, and practice area.

OCI is just one method of searching for employment and students should incorporate additional methods such as job postings, networking, and direct contact with potential employers. Students are strongly encouraged to schedule individual appointments with the PDO to develop an individualized job search strategy.

Getting Ready

Research Pays Off. It is extremely important to research the employers early. Please review the employers' profiles in Symplicity, the employer NALP forms, and employer websites BEFORE submitting a resume through OCI. Students should apply only to those employers with whom they have a "good faith" interest in interviewing.

Uploading Resumes, Cover Letters, and Transcripts

All documents required by the employer must be uploaded to Symplicity before a student will be allowed to place a "bid." Only one general resume is required, but students may also upload specialized resumes (e.g., highlighting different skills or interests) if appropriate. All documents are uploaded to the "Documents'" tab in Symplicity. Document labels are not viewable by employers so you can give documents labels that make it easy for you to select the correct document when attaching it to a bid (e.g., Kansas City Resume; Foulston Siefkin Cover Letter). Documents can be uploaded in Word format and Symplicity will convert the document to a PDF. Please review the PDF to ensure that it looks like it should. The PDF will be the version sent to employers. Students must re-upload any documents that have been edited, and re-attach the edited version to any prior bids. Initial resumes must be reviewed and approved by the PDO before a student can apply in Symplicity. Once uploaded, the initial resume will be held in "Pending Documents" until reviewed and approved. With this in mind, it is best to plan ahead and not wait until the last minute to upload a resume.

On-Campus Interviews vs. Resume Collection

For employers who cannot interview on campus, the PDO arranges a "Resume Collection." The application process is the same as OCI, and students must still submit a "bid" to these employers. We forward requested documents to the employer and any further communication with applicants will come directly from the employer.

Employers Participating in OCI

For a complete list of employers participating, click on the OCI Tab and select the "session." The session represents the week the employer will be on campus. Be sure to view all sessions for a complete list.

Beginning Law School in January (J-Section) Students

Students who begin in January are eligible to participate in fall recruiting (after they have completed one semester of coursework).


  1. Submit resumes only to those employers of genuine interest to you. Do not submit resumes for the sole purpose of gaining interview experience.
  2. Once a student schedules an interview his or her attendance is required unless exigent circumstances exist. Students must notify the PDO staff as early as possible if cancellation becomes necessary. Students who do not show up for an interview or who repeatedly cancel interviews will not be allowed to continue participating in OCI without the permission of the Assistant Dean for Professional Development. The determination whether to allow a student to continue participating in OCI will depend largely upon the reason for the absence/cancellation and whether the student promptly sends an appropriate letter of explanation to the employer (with a copy to the Assistant Dean for Professional Development).
  3. Once a student accepts a position, they must inform any other employers with whom they have scheduled interviews and cancel the interviews. If the student has submitted Application Packets to employers who have not yet made prescreening decisions, the PDO will inform employers to remove the student from consideration. This simple consideration may allow another Washburn Law student the opportunity to interview. Students who do not comply with this policy will not be allowed to participate in future OCI programs without the permission of the Assistant Dean for Professional Development.
  4. As with all activities at the law school, the Honor Code and Procedure for Law Students is applicable to activities sponsored by the PDO, including OCI. The following sections are particularly relevant:
    • A.3. Imporoperly using, destroying, forging, or altering University documents or records.
    • B.2(a). Supplying forged, falsified or altered information while seeking employment, educational or professional opportunities...
    • B.2(b). Intentional mispresentation of law school academic or enrollment status, or involvement in extracurricular activities.