Post Graduate Fellowships

In an effort to help law students and recent graduates launch their legal career, Washburn Law has created a Post Graduate Fellowship program that places recent graduates with employers who need to fill short term human resource needs. The Fellowship provides post-graduate employment to a Washburn law school graduate for a term of one year and a minimum annual salary of $40,000.

Employers who are interested in hiring a recent law school graduate for a one year term at a salary of at least $40,000 should contact Tammy King in our Professional Development Office with information about the job. Ms. King will then work to identify a student nearing graduation or a recent graduate who is interested in the work that the employer has available.

Once a student/graduate is identified the student/graduate will be referred to the employer to interview with the employer. The employer will make the decision whether to hire the student/recent graduate. If the employer does hire the Washburn student/graduate, the employer should notify Ms. King of the hire so that the student can be removed from the placement database and recorded as employed.

Employers must provide all funding for the hire and must comply with all applicable labor and employment laws. The employer may decide to extend the employment relationship beyond the one year term by negotiating directly with the Fellow.

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Photograph: Tammy King.

Tammy King
Assistant Dean for Professional Development
(785) 670-1703