Pro Bono Program

The Washburn Pro Bono Program is not equipped to accept inquiries from the public seeking direct legal representation.
If you have a legal matter please see the Washburn Law Clinic's Information for Potenial Clients.

The legal profession is one of service. Students who participate in the Washburn Law Pro Bono Program are able to demonstrate to employers a commitment to serving the community and an enhanced practical legal experience. While lawyers must make a living, they must also use their unique legal skill set to better the communities in which they live. Attorneys achieve this by providing pro bono – or volunteer – legal assistance. Washburn Law students who participate in pro bono projects learn the value of this service and personal benefits that come from helping others. Pro bono work is a wonderful combination of gaining legal experience, interacting with legal professions, and serving the community.

NOTE: Law students may not engage in pro bono representation of individuals without direct supervision of a licensed attorney. If you are an individual seeking legal representation, please contact the Washburn Law Clinic.

Get Involved!

Please contact the Director of Pro Bono if:

  • You are a student and have questions about the program (see also the Handbook and FAQ)
  • You have an idea for a student pro bono project
  • You are interested in serving on the Pro Bono Advisory Council
Director of Pro Bono
Photograph: Tammy King, director of pro bono.

Tammy King
Assistant Dean for Professional Development
Phone: (785) 670-1703