Photograph: Tammy King.Tammy King is Assistant Dean for Professional Development at Washburn University School of Law where she advises law students and alumni on career options, job search strategies, and making the transition to professional employment. In addition to career planning responsibilities, Tammy coordinates the Washburn Law Pro Bono Program. She has served as Assistant Dean for Career Development at Creighton University School of Law and Director of Career Services at Washington University School of Law. Tammy has 9 years of litigation experience at two St. Louis law firms. Tammy's undergraduate degree is from the University of Missouri and her J.D. is from Vanderbilt University. She may be contacted at or (785) 670-1703.

Photograph: Cindy Moyer.Cindy Moyer administers many of the programs and activities supported by the Professional Development Office. Before joining Washburn Law in 2004 she worked for many years at the Menninger Clinic as an Executive Assistant in Patient Care Services. Cindy also served as a member of the Executive Transition Team and assisted with the relocation of the Clinic to Houston, Texas. She may be contacted at or (785) 670-1184.