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Marcive U.S. Government Documents Catalog: a catalog of U.S. Government Printing Office documents from 1976 to the present. Marchive shows bibliographic information about a document as well as a listing of libraries that own the document. (On Campus Access Only)

Law Library Microform Digital Collection: provides access to many primary and secondary documents of interest to the leal community.Currently, LLMC Digital contains over 50 million page images of primary and secondary legal resources. (On Campus Access Only) covers general information for the primary branches of government, as well as Web-based applications including business filings, professional license renewals and license verifications. Free resource.


ProQuest Congressional: provides access to Congressional hearings, public issues, legislation, history, and legal research.

ProQuest Legislative Insight Services: contains complete legislative histories for 18,000 public laws.

United States Code (HeinOnline): contains complete coverage (1925-26 edition - current edition)

U.S. Congressional Documents (HeinOnline): provides searchable PDF files of the Annals of Congress, Register of Debates in Congress, Congressional Globe, Congressional Record, Statutes at Large, American State Papers, & Journals of the Continental Congress. Covers Congressional Documents from the 1st Congress (1789) to the present Congress.

U.S. Federal Legislative History (HeinOnline):derived from the looseleaf publication Sources of Compiled Legislative Histories: A Bibliography of Government Documents, Periodical Articles, and Books by Nancy P. Johnson, Law Librarian and Professor of Law Georgia State University College of Law. All compilations for major laws are included in the database with the following exceptions: appropriations measures; ceremonial matters; laws that extend the life of an agency or authority; and laws that affect small numbers of persons or specific regions of the country. The sources for these compilations include congressional documents, legal periodicals, treatises and looseleaf services.

State Session Laws (HeinOnline): contains exact replications of the official bound session laws of all 50 states, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands. Updated monthly, this is an ever expanding collection and is the only complete online source of all 50 states from inception to date. The session laws for all states are current within 60 days of the printed publication.

Subject Compilation of State Laws (HeinOnline): Cheryl Nyberg and Carol Boast Robertson’s Subject Compilations Bibliography Series has long been recognized as the most comprehensive source for identifying thousands of articles, books, government documents, loose-leaf services, court opinions and Internet sites that compare state laws on hundreds of subjects.


Federal Register - Code of Federal Regulations (HeinOnline): provides access to PDF images of historic Federal Registers. The database also allows for keyword searching of all documents. It begins with volume one (1936). New issues are added about three days after publication.

U.S. Attorney General Opinions (HeinOnline): provides full text searching of historic opinions of the U.S. Attorney General as well as other documents from the Department of Justice.

U.S. Federal Agency Library (HeinOnline): contains full texts of U.S. Federal agency documents, decisions, and appeals.

U.S. Presidential Library (HeinOnline): Contains such titles as Messages and Papers of the Presidents, Public Papers of the Presidents, CFR Title 3 (Presidents), and other documents related to the presidents.

State Attorney General Reports (HeinOnline): This collection includes access to the State Attorney General Reports & Opinions for all fifty states as well as Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. Also includes access to the Opinions of the Office of Legal Counsel of the United States Department of Justice and the Official Opinions of the Attorneys General of the United States


Pacer (U.S. Federal Court Dockets): is the Federal Judiciary's centralized center for electronic access to U.S. District, Bankruptcy, and Appellate Court records. Password Required. Ask at Reference Desk.

Early American Case Law (HeinOnline): contains the entire Federal Cases 30 book series (1894-1897) which contains more than 20,000 cases. Also included is the Trinity Series, which includes American Decisions, American Reports, and American State Reports.

U.S. Supreme Court Library (HeinOnline): provides access to PDF versions of the United States Reports, as well as PDF versions of books and journals about the Supreme Court. Contains U.S. Reports from volume 1 (1754) to the latest session of the court.

Supreme Court Records and Briefs (1832-1978): features a fully searchable database of approximately 11 million pages and more than 350,000 separate documents. Document types include Appellant's Brief; Appellee's Brief; and Application for Review.

Access to our databases
These electronic indexes and databases are available to all users in the Washburn School of Law Library. Access outside of the law school building (remote access) is available to Washburn faculty and students. A Washburn email and password are required for access. Some resources require a faculty/student password, as indicated. Exceptions are noted for specific databases.