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Kansas Administrative Regulations Research Guide

The Kansas Administrative Regulations (K.A.R.) — KFK 35 year .A3: contains the permanent procedural and substantive rules and regulations for Kansas agencies. Copies of the current edition are kept on Reserve, at the Reference Desk, in the Reference Collection on the 3rd and 4th floors, and on the 3rd floor in the main stacks. Superseded editions of the K.A.R. are also found in the Kansas Collection on the 3rd floor.

Kansas Administrative Regulations are arranged by agency in a 3 part numbering system; hyphens separate each part of the number. The first part of the number indicates the agency, the second part indicates the article (subject), and the last part designates the specific section and regulation(s) within the article. For example, 4-7-720 refers to Agency 4 (the State Board of Agriculture) - Article 7 (Milk and Dairy Products) - Section 720 (regulations pertaining to testing and sampling procedures).

Each section contains the regulation, the statutory authority for the regulation, and the statutory sections which the regulation implements. Each section also includes a history of the regulation indicating the original effective date and each amendment.


The Kansas Administrative Rules and Regulations are updated with an annual cumulative supplement and subject index. It is published after Dec. 31 of the preceding year and distributed in June or July of the current year. Example: The 2003 K.A.R. contains all permanent rules and regulations filed before Jan. 1, 2003. The 2004 cumulative subject index contains rules and regulations filed after December 2002 and before January 1, 2004.

Updating the Kansas Administrative Regulations is very important. Because the Regulations are only printed once a year, the KARs can be 12 to 16 months behind current regulations.

To update the Kansas Administrative Regulations annual supplement look in the Kansas Register (KFK 36 .K36), Kansas' official state newspaper.

A cumulative index appears at the back of each Kansas Register that lists the volume and page number in the Register that contains the most recent version of a modified regulation. The Kansas Register also contains notices of hearings on proposed new regulations and proposed revocation of administrative regulations, new rules and regulations, amendments, and temporary rules and regulations.

Temporary rules and regulations are not published in the K.A.R. or in the cumulative supplement. There may be periods of time when the only access to regulatory action available is in the Kansas Register or directly from the agency.


Kansas Secretary of State: The Kansas Administrative Regulations and the Kansas Register are available for free from the Kansas Secretary of State. 

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