Kansas Depository Documents Research Guide

Washburn University School of Law Library is a selective depository for Kansas government publications. The collection, established in 1981, contains the 24 Kansas documents deemed basic by the State Library. In addition, the Law Library has elected to receive over 30 other series helpful to Kansas legal researchers.

Classification System

The Kansas Depository collection is located at the end of the reference collection on the 2nd floor of the Library. These materials are shelved according to the Kansas Documents classification system. The system groups together publications from a particular state agency and its subdivisions.

Here is an example of a Kansas Document classification number:

A 1.1:1979

The part of the classification number before the period consists of up to three letters that designate the agency and up to two numbers designating a subdivion: A 1.— (here "A", indicates State Board of Agriculture)

Up to two numerals following the period indicate the format of the document: A1.1 — ("1" indicates annual report)

The numbers used to indicate formats include:

  • 01 — annual – biennial reports
  • 02 — miscellaneous publications
  • 03 — bulletins
  • 04 — circulars
  • 05 — laws
  • 06 — rules and regulations
  • 07 — releases
  • 08 — handbooks, manuals, guides
  • 09 — periodicals

The number following the colon identifies the particular item in hand. This number might be a year number, a volume and issue number, or some other identifier: A 1.1 : 1979 ("1979" indicates year of annual report)

Finding Tools

The Washburn Law Library documents staff maintain an electronic list of all Kansas documents the library receives. Ask at the Research Help Desk for assistance in determining whether or not Washburn owns a particular Kansas document.

Finding Aids

The following tools should be helpful for finding early Kansas Documennts:

  • Wilder, Bessie E.Bibliography of the Official Publications of Kansas,1854-1958 (KanDoc E 50.1202:B 582)
  • Checklist of Official Publications of the State of Kansasv. 1-13, 1953-1976 (KanDoc L 1.9:)

The Guide to State Legislative and Administrative Materials (Reference KF1 .M28) and State Legislative Sourcebook (Reference JK 2495 .S 689) contain lists of legislative documents, contact numbers, and legislative websites for all 50 states. The Kansas chapter of each book may be useful in identifying specific documents or providing contact numbers for state departments for your research.

Electronic Resources

  • Kansas.gov
    Kansas.gov was established by state legislation in 1990 This website provide electronic access to state, county, local, government data, and other public information.
  • Washlaw — Kansas
    Washlaw Web has extensive links to Kansas documents produced by the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches of Kansas.

Examples of Kansas Documents

The Kansas State Library has designated the following serials and monographic series as core Kansas documents:

  • A l.l: — Report (State Board of Agriculture)
  • AD 3.1: — Kansas annual financial report (Division of Accounts and Reports)
  • AD 5.21 — Comparison of Governor's budget report for fiscal year with expenditures authorized by the Legislature Division of the Budget)
  • AD ll.ll: — Governor's economic and demographic report (Division of the Budget)
  • CB 51.41: — Directory of Kansas manufacturers and products (Department of Economic Development)
  • E l.3:340 — Kansas educational directory (State Department of Education)
  • E 50.1201: — Kansas statistical abstract (Center for Public Affairs)
  • G l.l: — Governor's legislative message (title varies) (Office of the Governor)
  • HE 7.10: — Annual summary of vital statistics (Bureau of Registration and Health Statistics)
  • J 1.6: — Opinions of the Attorney General (Office of the Attorney General)
  • S 1.9: — Election statistics (Secretary of State)
  • S 1.12: — Kansas directory of county officers of Kansas (Secretary of State)
  • S l.ll: — Legislative directory (Secretary of State)
  • S 1.22: — Kansas directory (title varies) (Secretary of State)
  • S 1.39: — Kansas Register (Secretary of State)
  • X 3.yr/H — House journal (Legislature)
  • X 3.yr/S — Senate journal (Legislature)
  • X 4.yr — Senate and house journals (Legislature)
  • KFK 25 .A2 — Session laws of Kansas (Secretary of State)
  • KFK 20. A66 — Appropriations report (Legislative Research Department)
  • Kansas administrative regulations (Revisor of Statutes) KFK 35 .A23
  • Kansas statutes annotated (Revisor of Statutes) KFK 30 .A2
  • Amendments and repeals to Kansas statutes annotated (Revisor of Statutes) KFK 30 .A2

Other Sources for Kansas Documents

  • State Library of Kansas, 3rd floor, State Capitol (296-3296).
  • Kansas State Historical Society Library, 6425 SW 6th Avenue (272-8681)
  • Mabee Library on campus (ext. 1179)
  • Topeka and Shawnee County Public Library, 1515 W. Tenth (233-2040)
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