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Worldwide Treaties Research Guide

Finding your treaty information may depend on knowing a number of things, such as the time period involved, status of the treaty, whether it is bilateral or multilateral, the parties involved, whether the treaty has been amended.

If you are looking for a treaty in which the U.S. is a party, see Research Guides No. 14, "U.S. Treaty Research."

The following are major sources used to identify and obtain the text of treaties, including those for which the United States was not a signatory. Bilateral and multilateral treaties are included.

Print and Microform

Consolidated Treaty Series, 1648-1918 (JX 120.P35): This set of 231 volumes collects over 10,000 world treaties in their original languages and existing English or French translations. A multi-volume index guide to this set is available.

Current International Treaties (JX171 .C87 1984): An annotated single volume collection of abbreviated texts of selected major bilateral and multilateral treaties arranged by subject.

Encyclopedia of the United Nations and International Agreements (JX1977 .O8213 1985): Four-volume set containing dictionary-type entries on international agreements, conventions and treaties since the latter part of the 19th century, quoted in part or in their entirety.

International Instruments of the United Nations (REF, JX1977 .I57 1997): Section II contains selected treaties, conventions, and agreements concluded under the auspices of the United Nations General Assembly.

International Legal Materials: Current Documents 1962-date,(K9 .N846 L43): Now a bi-monthly publication of the American Society of International Law, this collection includes contemporary documents (including treaties) not yet available in permanent sets or not readily accessible in any other form. Each bound volume is indexed. Current issues are available on reserve. Ask at the circulation desk. Earlier issues are in the periodical collection, 4th floor.

League of Nations Treaty Series, 1920-1945 (Microform Room, cabinet 34): All 4,834 treaties in 205 published volumes and 9 index volumes are available at Washburn. While the United States never became a member of the League, most of its international acts were published in this series.

Major International Treaties of the Twentieth Century (REF, KZ64 .M35 2001): Two-volume work providing text of major treaties of historical significance and still in force.

Treaties and Alliances of the World (REF JX4005 .T72 1981): Summaries, descriptions, and partial or full text of treaties organized by organization, region, or theme.

United Nations Treaty Series, 1946-date (Fourth Floor: JX170 .U35 and Microforms): Volumes 1-454 are in hard copy. Volumes 455-current and some earlier volumes are in microfiche. In theory, the U.N. Treaty Series should contain every treaty and international agreement entered into by every U.N. member state since 1946. In fact, the series is not comprehensive because of member failure to register treaties and agreements with the U.N. Secretariat. There is also a long time lag between ratification and appearance of a treaty in the series. Index volumes are available on microfiche. The World Treaty Index, below, provides cumulative indexing.

World Treaty Index, 1920-1980(Ref JX 171 .R 63): Available in the Washburn Law Library reference collection, this 5-volume set provides cumulative indexing for the League of Nations Treaty Series, the U.N. Treaty Series (v.1-643+), and 42 other lists and collections representing 25 nations.


Multilateral Treaties Deposited with the Secretary General ( Also located in the stacks and at the reference desk at (JX171 .U372). An annotated list of treaties concluded under League of Nations and United Nations auspices. The online version is updated every few days.

Subscription database available from the Washburn Law Library Electronic Resources Page

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