Faculty & Staff Services

Office Support

We understand your office computer is a vital tool for teaching, research, and scholarship. We provide you with the latest office software to help you manage email, calendars, and files. We provide automatic backups of files saved on the network to ensure you do not loose valuable information. Shared network files allow you to share files with your secretary. We also provide remote access to your work computer so you can have access to files from home or while traveling.

Our technology staff is well versed in the use of Microsoft Office and can teach you advanced features or help troubleshoot a problem.

Jewel Makda, our User Services Coordinator, will be happy to help you set up your office computer, shared network drives, and remote access to your work computer.

Classroom Support

All of our classrooms are equipped with a Windows computer, document camera, and DVD/VCR, all managed by a central control panel. Our technology staff will be happy to set up computers, document cameras, or DVD/VCRs in our smaller seminar rooms as needed. We want you to feel as comfortable as possible using the classroom technology.

Response software and clickers are available to create a more interactive classroom. Contact Barbara Ginzburg to learn more.

Another service we provide is the taping of classes and special events. After a video is recorded, it is made available within 2 business days. All tapings are contingent upon faculty approval.

Contact Glen McBeth to schedule a time to learn more about the classroom technology.

Other Faculty Services

There are several other services we provide to help make teaching, research, and scholarship easier for you.

  • Discussion lists for communicating with various student, faculty and staff groups in the library. You are automatically subscribed to LAWFAC, a list where faculty can communicate with one another. Please contact Rebecca Alexander (ext. 1040) for information about subscribing to other lists.
  • Laptops for use while traveling. Contact Jewel Makda to borrow a laptop while you are at a conference.
  • Support creating online course pages. Contact Barbara Ginzburg (ext. 1087) for help.