How To Turn Off AutoFormat in Word 2010

Default settings and quick correct features in word processors can significantly alter the format of your document. Below are a few instructions on how to turn off these features in Word 2010.
NOTE: For Word 97 to 2003, the AutoFormat window looks the same. Go to Tools | AutoCorrect Options to open the window.

  1. Periods and automatic spacing: Word 2010 does not automatically put a space after periods. Citations such as N.E.2d will not have spaces, unless you put them there.
  2.  Automatic capitalization, Automatic replacement of words and symbols:
    • Go to the File Tab in the upper left corner. (If using Office 2007 click on the Office button.)
    • Select "Options"
    • Select "Proofing"
    • Click the "AutoCorrect Options" button

      Step 2
  3.  Click on the AutoFormat As You Type tab.

    Step 3
  4. Click on AutoFormat tab.

    Step 4