Professor Concannon Pens History of Washburn Law

Professor James Concannon's book, "The Ideal Place ... for the Establishment of a Great Law School:" History of Washburn Law School, 1903-2003, details the history of the first 100 years of Washburn University School of Law. The 681 page book is now available and can be ordered from the Washburn Law online store. As a faculty member since 1973, and for 30 of the school's first 100 years, Concannon provides an insider's view of many of the historic events that have shaped the law school. He introduces the reader to devoted faculty, staff, students, and friends of the law school, and provides detailed accounts of the law school's storied past, including the search for equal justice, leadership throughout the years, and relationships forged during both turmoil and triumph. The book contains over 100 historical photographs, many being published for the first time, and an index. The images can be accessed online at ($28.00 ; ISBN: 978-0-615-60187-8)