Practical Experience

Clinical education and practical skills have become increasingly important as employers seek practice-ready graduates with competencies that will serve clients and employers from the start. Washburn Law recognized this trend early on and is a pioneer in clinical education and hands-on learning opportunities that allow graduates to "hit the ground running."

The marketplace continues to change in our interconnected world, and globalization means that most law school graduates will need to work strategically with lawyers and non-lawyers across organizational, institutional and global boundaries. Washburn Law graduates are ready to meet those challenges. They gain practical experience through Washburn Law's Centers for Excellence, intense clinic programs, meaningful externships and extracurricular activities that bridge the gap between theory and practice.

With specialty programs designed to offer a slice of the real world - whether it is a chance at arguing a case in competition or representing a child in need of care through the court system - a Washburn Law education path is grounded in fundamentals and paved with concrete skills to ensure students' marketability to employers and preparedness for life after law school.

Washburn Law graduates continue to differentiate themselves in the marketplace with competencies that will serve clients and employers from the start, including leadership, teamwork, communication, project management, legal drafting, client advocacy, as well as traditional case law analysis.