Washburn Law Graduates Achieve Highest Pass Rate for Missouri Bar

Photograph: Dean Thomas J. RomigWashburn University School of Law announces that for first-time takers, its graduates led in bar passage rate on the July 2014 Missouri bar exam. First-time test takers from Washburn Law achieved a 96.3 percent bar passage rate. The Missouri state bar passage average for first-time takers was 87.9 percent, which represents graduates from seven law schools in Missouri, Kansas, and Illinois. Of the 27 Washburn Law graduates who took the exam for the first time, 26 passed.

At Washburn Law, preparation for the bar exam is a process that begins during the first week of classes and continues through passage of the exam. All graduates have the opportunity to participate in Washburn Law’s free Bar Pass Program, which includes workshops, a bar exam website, and individual counseling. Additionally, a course for third-year students, Legal Synthesis and Problem Solving, focuses on problem recognition and analysis, and enhances critical reading, thinking, and writing skills to maximize student performance on the bar exam.

“We are very proud of our graduates who are well prepared to pass the bar and hit the ground running,” said Dean Thomas J. Romig. “We are committed to providing students with the tools they need to successfully pass the bar exam and recently added a new position, director of academic skills and bar passage, to bolster our resources and further our students’ preparedness.”