Professor Mastrosimone publishes an op-ed essay about Kansas Governor Sam Brownback's decision to roll back job protections for state LGBT employees

Photograph: Joe MastrosimoneWashburn Law Professor Joe Mastrosimone published an op-ed essay in the Huffington Post, "A Shameful Perception Will Beget a Difficult Reality for Kansas," about Kansas Governor Sam Brownback’s decision to roll back job protections for state LGBT employees. 

The article states, "One truism unifies law and politics: Perception becomes reality. Smart lawyers and politicians quickly realize that actual facts matter much less than litigants' or voters' perceptions of those facts. Thus, the shameful decision by Kansas Governor Sam Brownback, both a lawyer and a politician, to rescind a longstanding executive order outlawing employment discrimination against executive branch state employees on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity is particularly troubling."

Mastrosimone's essay is available at: Huffington Post op-ed. It was featured in stories by The Topeka Capital-Journal and The Wichita Eagle, among others.