Washburn Law Named a Best Value Law School and Best School for Small Law

Photograph: Best Value Prelaw BadgeWashburn University School of Law was nationally recognized for the quality of its legal education by the National Jurist magazine in its 2015 "Back to School" issue. Washburn Law received two honors: "Best School for Small Law" and "Best Value Law School." The Jurist considered the 203 law schools in the nation currently accredited by the American Bar Association in making its determination.

Washburn Law placed 33rd on the National Jurist’s list of "Best Schools for Small Law" based on the American Bar Association’s 2014 graduate data. "Small Law" is defined as firms having between two and 100 lawyers.

In naming Washburn Law a "Best Value Law School," the largest percentage of the Jurist’s ranking analysis­­ — 35% — was based on employment and used the ABA’s class of 2014 statistics. Washburn Law ranked 24th in the nation for the "Gold Standard" category for employment, which is defined as employment that is full-time, long-term, and available only to those who have passed the bar and have a license to practice law.

Other factors for the Best Value ranking included the cost of tuition, amount of student debt, and cost of living in the Law School’s community. "Great value and affordability continue to be hallmarks of a Washburn Law education," commented Dean Thomas J. Romig in response to the Jurist’s findings.