Dean Romig Interview Featured on Oklahoma Law Firm Blog

Photograph: Dean Thomas RomigWashburn Law Dean Thomas J. Romig was interviewed about the changing face of legal education and the evolving legal profession; the interview appeared online in The Oklahoma Legal Group Blog. The blog appears on Oklahoma City attorney Adam R. Banner’s law firm website.

Romig addressed the challenges that he faces daily as dean of the Law School, as well as those faced by new law students. From his perspective, both need to adjust to the changing law school climate. Students must adapt to new ways of thinking and analyzing, Romig said. When it comes to himself, he said, "We have had to find ways to 'tighten our belt' but yet not adversely affect our program of instruction. So the decline in applications and enrollment has affected virtually all aspects of the law school. This is the challenge that I face every day."

The areas of law in which Romig anticipates the most growth include electronic discovery and intellectual property. He also foresees growth in surveillance technology. “As we develop new technologies, we can expect to see capabilities that will help exonerate the wrongly convicted like DNA analysis has done,” said Romig.

Romig also weighed in on the challenge the Supreme Court is facing in regard to how it is perceived by the public. “This public perception of a professional judiciary is essential to the public’s respect for the law. This perception starts with the Supreme Court,” he said.   

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