Washburn Law Partners with Kansas Supreme Court to Offer Unique Opportunity for Students

Washburn University School of Law is thrilled to announce a partnership with the Kansas Supreme Court, offering a unique opportunity for law students and the public to witness live court proceedings. This collaboration highlights Washburn’s commitment to providing its students with invaluable real-world experiences and fostering a deeper understanding of the judicial process, as well as the Kansas Supreme Court’s intention of making the court more accessible to everyone.

On November 3, 2023, the Kansas Supreme Court will convene in the Heath Family Appellate Courtroom, marking a historic moment in legal education in Kansas. This event offers students and members of the public a rare opportunity to observe the Court in action, gaining insights into the workings of the highest court in the state.

The focal point of this partnership is the brand-new Heath Family Appellate Courtroom, a state-of-the-art facility within the newly constructed Washburn Law building. Unlike its predecessor, the Heath Family Appellate Courtroom boasts ample seating capacity on its bench to accommodate all the esteemed justices of the Kansas Supreme Court. This ensures that observers can witness the Court's docket proceedings firsthand, further enhancing the educational experience offered by Washburn Law.

"We’re excited to partner with the Kansas Supreme Court to bring this extraordinary opportunity to our students and the broader legal community," said Jeffrey Jackson, Interim Dean of Washburn University School of Law. "The Heath Family Appellate Courtroom was designed to promote legal education and collaboration, and hosting the Kansas Supreme Court exemplifies our commitment to excellence in legal education."

The docket for the November 3, 2023 session is available here, allowing attendees with a chance to review the cases and issues that the Court will address during the session. This transparency ensures that attendees can fully engage with the proceedings and enrich their understanding of the legal process.


About the Supreme Court Travel Dockets

Twice a year, the Supreme Court visits a Kansas community to conduct court in a public space, most often a school. Since the outreach program started in 2011, the court has visited 21 communities between Colby and Kansas City. The visit to the Washburn University School of Law is on top of that outreach program.

Note to media: Reporters who plan to cover oral arguments need to be familiar with Supreme Court Rule 1001: Media Coverage of Judicial Proceedings, which prohibits using electronic recording devices during proceedings. If you plan to be in the courtroom when a case is heard, notify Lisa Taylor at taylorl@kscourts.org by noon November 2. If you want to use a camera, video camera, or audio recording device, it must be approved by the chief justice in advance of the oral argument.