Photograph: Eagle statue outside law school.

The Washburn Brand

At Washburn University we are serious about protecting our brand. We work with vendors, both locally and nationally, regarding the production of licensed products. And we work with our own staff and students to ensure the university is properly represented online and in print materials.

As stated in university policy, registered and trademarked images of Washburn University are not permitted for use in conjunction with the promotion of alcohol, tobacco, illegal drugs or products or services deemed to be of questionable moral value. Nor are they permitted for use in any manner which may be perceived as a university endorsement of political candidates, political parties or religious beliefs or organizations.

Royalty rebate program

  • Washburn royalty rebate program information
  • Royalty rebate request form (PDF)
  • Rebate request forms must be received by July 15. Attach copies of invoices and purchase orders to the completed form and send to Public Relations.

Logo use and licensed vendors

Official University Marks

Image: Washburn Law logo vertical.

Image: Heritage Mark


Official Name

Use Washburn University School of Law on first reference.

On subsequent references, use Washburn Law.

Do not use abbreviations such as WUSOL, WULS, WU Law, Washburn School of Law, Washburn Law School, Washburn University of Law, Washburn University Law, or Washburn University Law School.

Official Colors

Pantone 654 (blue)

Pantone 654 color swatch.

c/100 m/67 y/0 k/37
r/0 g/61 b/121


Contact Karli Davis in the marketing communications office at 785.670.2013 or in room 104H.

Washburn University Licensing Policy
Washburn University School of Law falls under the Washburn University Licensing Program.