Policy for Commercial Bar Preparation Representatives

  • There is to be no outreach to any student by any student representative concerning commercial bar preparation courses during First Week (1L Orientation the week before regular classes start). This includes general tabling and emails to the general student body.
  • There is to be no outreach to entering 1Ls at any time before regular classes start.
  • Tabling is not allowed during the Opportunity Fair.

Bar Reps should know that entering 1Ls will be cautioned during First Week that:

  1. the school does not endorse any particular commercial bar course, and that any of the providers with bar reps currently on campus (Bar-Bri, Kaplan, Themis, and AccessLex) can do a good job for them;
  2. students should be cautious about signing any contract with any company—a contract is generally binding and the school will not intercede if students are remorseful later;
  3. we advise entering 1Ls to wait to sign a contract until they are oriented to law school—there should be no hurry to sign their first semester;
  4. we advise entering 1Ls to wait to decide if they want to be a Bar Preparation Representative until they are oriented to law school—this decision should not be a priority for them their first semester.

Posted July 26, 2017; updated August 12, 2022.