Commencement Stoles and Cords

Effective with the May 2022 commencement ceremony, stoles and cords will be allowed and may be worn for the following groups.


Law student organizations may order and provide stoles to members to wear at commencement. Any cost associated with providing stoles are the responsibility of the organization. The organization’s president is responsible for ordering and ensuring graduating organization members receive stoles for commencement.


  1. Honorably discharged military veterans or currently serving servicemembers may wear cords provided by the Veterans Law Association (VLAW). Cords need to be requested and returned using the following process:
    1. Prior to Friday, May 5, contact Shelby Grau, Director of Compliance and Administration, via email at, to set a time to present your DD214. You should plan to pick up your cord by May 5, 2023.
    2. Once proof of honorable discharge from service or proof of current service is provided, the student will be given a cord to wear at commencement.
    3. After commencement, the cord should be returned to Shelby Grau, Donna McMurry, or Cory Payne. This can be done at the time the student picks up their diploma or any time after the ceremony when the law school is open.
  2. Washburn Law Journal students may wear cords. Law Journal cords will be available from Shelby Grau, who will have a list of qualifying graduates. You may set a time to pick up the cord from Director Grau at
  3. Latin honors recipients will be provided cords. Latin honors cords will be granted for Summa Cum Laude, Magna Cum Laude, and Cum Laude per the University Honors.
    • GPA for Latin honor cords are determined based on the student’s GPA as of the end of the Fall 2022 semester. Please note that final honors that determine stickers or inscriptions included on diplomas will not be awarded until all grades are final in August 2023.
    • Those students earning honors based on their cumulative GPA at the end of the Fall 2022 semester will be contacted via email with instructions on how to pick up their cord.

If you are a Third Year Anywhere™ student and won't be on campus until the days before or day of Commencement, please contact Director Grau to set a time to pick up your cords.

Effective April 8, 2022; updated February 8, 2023.

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