Course Recording Due to COVID-19 Pandemic

All law school courses occur in classrooms equipped with audiovisual equipment that is capable of broadcasting class sessions live to remote locations and making an audiovisual recording of each class session as it occurs. Broadcasting live class sessions is being implemented to enable students to participate in class sessions remotely if the student has an underlying health condition that makes complications from contracting COVID-19 more likely, and to facilitate student participation in class from home if the student has any symptom of the cold, flu or digestive illness.

  • The recording of all class sessions is also being implemented to enable a student to see and hear class discussions at a later time in the event that the student is too ill to participate in class sessions from home. However, students who were present in class but wish to access the recording of a class session to gain a better understanding of material discussed in that class session are also welcome to view the class recording.
  • Class recordings will be archived for a short period of time and will be destroyed following the completion of the semester unless all identifying student images are edited out of the recording, in which case the professor and the law school may jointly decide to retain the edited recording for other purposes.
  • Access to class recordings will be controlled via a secure platform and will be restricted to students enrolled in the course, the professor, a professor assigned to review the teaching of the professor, and University IT personnel necessary to maintain the system of recordings.
  • Students are prohibited from creating a copy of any portion of the recording of a class session. A student who creates a copy of any portion of a class recording, including an audio only copy, will violate this policy and be subject to discipline under the Student Honor Code.
  • By registering for or attending law school courses, a student consents to the law school making and maintaining class recordings consistent with this policy.

Posted June 12, 2020; updated August 25, 2020.