Course Recording Due to COVID-19 Pandemic

All law school courses occur in classrooms equipped with audiovisual equipment that is capable of broadcasting class sessions live to remote locations and making an audiovisual recording of each class session as it occurs. Broadcasting live class sessions is being implemented to enable students to participate in class sessions remotely if the student has a COVID-19 concern or has any symptom of illness.

  • All class sessions may be subject to being recorded to enable a student to see and hear class discussions at a later time in the event that the student is too ill to participate in class sessions from home.
  • A student who is too ill to attend the class remotely may request the professor to record the class by emailing the professor at least 30 minutes IN ADVANCE of the class. Classes will not be recorded automatically.
  • Access to class recordings will be controlled via a secure platform and will be restricted to students enrolled in the course, the professor, a professor assigned to review the teaching of the professor, and University IT personnel necessary to maintain the system of recordings.
  • Students are prohibited from recording by any means any class or any portion of a class without the express consent of the professor.
  • Students are prohibited from creating a copy of any portion of the recording of a class session. A student who creates a copy of any portion of a class recording, including an audio-only copy, will violate this policy and be subject to discipline under the Student Honor Code.
  • Students are prohibited from distributing any recording of a class or portion of a class by any means. Such distribution will violate this policy and may subject the student to discipline under the Student Honor Code.
  • By registering for or attending law school courses, a student consents to the law school making and maintaining class recordings consistent with this policy.

Posted June 12, 2020; updated September 15, 2021.