Courtroom Usage Policy

Robinson Courtroom and Bianchino Technology Center (the Courtroom) is a valuable Washburn Law resource. Special care must be taken to ensure the functionality of the technology as a learning resource is maintained at all times for the benefit of each Washburn Law student. Therefore, the following usage policy, approved by the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, will be followed at all times by Washburn Law faculty, staff, students, and other users of the Courtroom.

  • Student groups who are not enrolled in trial advocacy classes must have a faculty sponsor present with them during their courtroom session.
  • Arrangements for technology and/or training can be made by contacting Glen McBeth at (785) 969-7627.
  • Problems with the technology should be reported to Glen McBeth.
  • Law Library staff will unlock the Courtroom when it is time for use. Visit the Law Library Circulation Desk to sign the Courtroom Use Log and have the room unlocked.
  • When you are done in the Courtroom, go to the Law Library Circulation Desk to sign out and have a staff member lock the doors.
  • Both doors to the Courtroom are to be locked except when it is in use.
  • No food or drink is allowed in the Courtroom.
  • Users of the Courtroom may be held responsible for damages caused.

Revised June 12, 2013