Covid-19 School of Law Policies

February 1, 2021; updated April 13, 2021.

[Policy summary: student access to law building; visitor policy; face masks; physical distancing; scheduling; food and drink; illness and medical clearance for return to class; intellectual property and privacy in recordings; D2L; what to bring to law school; and questions, suggestions, concerns.]

A. Student Access to Law Building

Students have access to the law building 24/7/365 with their iCard.

B. Visitor Policy

Visitors are defined as anyone who is not a member of the faculty, staff, or student body.

  1. Building Access:
    To limit and keep track of outside visitors, all doors to the law building will be locked except for the main wooden doors at the north and east entrances on the second floor. These doors will be open only 8:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m. during regular business hours Monday-Friday. Students will continue to have access to the building 24/7/365 via iCard.
  2. Law Library:
    The Law Library will be limiting visitors to the Library by appointment only. It will be open to law students during the hours posted at
  3. Clinic:
    Clinic students will work with faculty supervisors to determine on a case-by-case basis who needs to be in the clinic space.
  4. Minors:
    Minors will not be allowed in the building as a general rule. If you need to run into the building quickly for something and your only option would be to leave your children in the car, then obviously you should bring your children in with you, but all children must stay with you, all children over the age of two must be masked, and the visit should be of brief duration.

C. Face Masks

D. Physical Distancing

  1. Classrooms and common areas are arranged so that a six-foot distance can be maintained between each person in the room, per Centers for Disease Control guidelines. This distance should be maintained whenever possible.
  2. Many chairs and tables throughout the law school have been removed in order to maintain social distancing. Students are asked not to rearrange the furniture.
  3. Masks are not intended as a substitute for the physical distancing requirement. Masks are required in all common areas and physical distance should be maintained whenever possible.

E. Scheduling

  1. Student organization meetings may still be scheduled at the law school, as long as the number of students does not exceed the new Covid maximum capacity of the room (posted outside every room) and students continue to wear masks and maintain the 6’ distance requirement. Meeting space will be more limited due to the new space demands for classes.
  2. No tabling will be allowed.
  3. No outside speakers may be invited to the law building. In the event that a rare exception is made because of unexpected circumstances, this will only be through the approval of Dean Leisinger. Otherwise, all meetings and events with outside speakers are encouraged to be conducted through Zoom.
  4. All students, faculty, and staff should continue to schedule events through The Scheduling App shows the new limited room capacities. Events should be scheduled through the App even when the event will be through Zoom so that others will know not to schedule a conflicting event, and so the event can be publicized in the WSBA Newsletter if requested.
  5. New capacities for rooms:
    • 102 – 30
    • 106 – 6
    • 114 – 34
    • 115 – 4
    • 119 – 12
    • 120 – 15
    • 125 (law library) – 10
    • Courtroom – 25
  6. Class break for lunch is now reduced to one hour to allow more time for students to safely get to classes (12:25-1:25 p.m.). Please time your meetings so that students will have time to get there from classes that may be scheduled in rooms across campus and can leave in time to get back to those locations. See the spring 2021 class schedule.

F. Food and Drink

  1. No food in the classrooms, but students, faculty, and staff may drink water when necessary, preferably through a straw. Masks must stay on at all times in the classroom.
  2. The First Floor Commons, the Library, the lobby, and picnic tables on the patio and porch of the building (Common Areas) are dedicated as the primary places for students to go before and between classes. Students, faculty, and staff should leave their mask on until they are seated and have begun eating. The library policy on food and drink remains in force (basically, nothing too smelly and clean up after yourself).
  3. The Libation Station is not open.
  4. Vending machine buttons, refrigerator handles, microwave handles, and tables will be cleaned nightly, but students should also wipe these themselves before and after use.

G. Illness and Medical Clearance for Return to Class

H. Intellectual Property and Privacy in Recordings

Any recordings of lectures or classroom experiences are to be used solely for the information or experience provided and are not to be shared, copied, or disseminated without the written permission of everyone shown or heard in the recording. No student may record any portion of a class without the professor’s written consent.

I. D2L

All course syllabi, any materials faculty wish to distribute, and any significant course-related announcements will be posted to D2L [login using your Washburn email address and password]. Students unfamiliar with D2L can contact or find other resources here: Although faculty will no longer be using TWEN, student organizations may continue to do so if they wish.

J. What you Must Bring to Law School

  1. Masks: You will be responsible for wearing a freshly laundered mask each day.
  2. Water bottle: The water fountains will be turned off except for the bottle refill taps.
  3. * Laptop: See footnote at the end of this policy for tech suggestions in case you're thinking of getting a new one.

K. What You Might Want to Bring to Law School

  1. Medical Tape: If you wear glasses, sealing the top nose portion of your mask with medical tape can help keep your glasses from fogging up.
  2. Portable hand sanitizer: In case a hand sanitizer station is not available and you are not able to wash your hands.
  3. Headphones: Recommended because you may find yourself in a room or the library with other students who are monitoring a class remotely.
  4. Portable charger/power bank: You may find it convenient to have one or two portable chargers/power banks. An electrical outlet may not always be available since seating in classrooms and the library is now configured to promote social distancing. Examples (but not recommending any specific brand) are covered in this review:

L. Questions, Suggestions, Concerns

We hope this information helps a bit more with your planning. Together, we’ll get through this (final?) Covid Semester! Please keep your questions and comments coming.

  1. Academic Concerns:
  2. All other Concerns:
  3. To present questions, concerns, or suggestions to the Washburn Student Bar Association, please

* Notes if you are considering a new laptop:

  • Any modern laptop should be able to access the campus wireless network. Instructions are at:
  • Details specific to your courses will be provided by Dean Glashausser and your professors, but it is helpful to know at this point that the program typically used for online exams is Examplify. Learn more about Examplify at:
  • The above FAQ includes suggested requirements for Windows, Surface Pro, and Mac devices (tablets cannot be used with Examplify). If you are in the market for a new laptop, you might want to go above these minimum requirements by purchasing a device with the best processor and most memory that can be accommodated by your budget, expecting the laptop to last throughout law school. An SSD rather than a hard drive would provide for quicker startup. In addition, Washburn University ITS provides suggested minimum and "for best performance" requirements for Windows and Mac devices:
  • Note that you will be able to download Office 365 to your laptop or other devices at no charge. There is no need to pay for a separate subscription:
  • The law school IT staff, Jason Dinkel and David Vermooten, will also be happy to assist should you run into any issues setting up your new laptop or accessing the University network. Feel free to contact them now with questions:

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