Covid-19 Safety Regulations

Effective August 30, 2021; amended October 8, 2021.

COVID-19 Safety Regulations are given at:

Please read carefully the sections on "Mask Regulations" and "What Do I Do If."

The most important take-aways:

    1. Exception: a professor may choose to not wear a mask during instruction if at least 10 feet from the nearest student.
    2. Law School Addition: If a student needs to take a quick sip of water or bite of energy bar, the student should do so quickly by lifting the mask up, not by removing it.
  2. Masks must be worn inside campus buildings unless working alone in offices or work spaces at least 6 feet from anyone else.
  3. A mask must cover the mouth and nose.
  4. DO NOT COME TO CAMPUS IF: you have symptoms or are ill, have been exposed, are awaiting test results, or have tested positive. If you test positive, you MUST inform Health Services ((785) 670-1470 or and follow their instructions. For anything else on the list above, you must contact either Health Services or your own health care provider and follow their instructions.
  5. EATING AND DRINKING: The university allows eating and drinking in an "appropriately designated location, providing social distancing can be maintained." For law school purposes, it has been determined that this means the commons area and classrooms not being used for instruction or other purposes. Please note that chairs have not been removed to designate six-foot distances, since they will often be used by those who are masked. If you use these chairs while eating, please observe the six-foot guideline so that more stringent rules will not have to be put in place.
  6. STUDENT ORGANIZATIONS: For law school purposes, it has been determined that at this time, organizations may still hold in-school activities and have outside speakers as long as the above rules are followed. If food is ordered, it must be in "grab and go" containers or there must be room available to maintain the six-foot guideline while eating.
  7. Rules may be amended at any time due to changing circumstances. Notice of any such changes will be given via the WSBA Newsletter and by highlighting the new provisions on the classroom door signs.

Please also see the section on "Vaccines, Testing and Symptoms" on the Washburn University website for how to get free, convenient, FDA-approved vaccinations or free COVID-19 testing.

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