Law Library Food and Drink Policy

Washburn Law Library, in coordination with the Washburn Student Bar Association (WSBA), has adopted the following food and drink policy to accommodate student requests for a more student-friendly study environment while balancing the need to preserve library materials and equipment.

  1. Packaged snacks, cold sandwiches or fruit in closed containers, and beverages in closed, non-spillable containers may be consumed in the library away from library collections, library books, computers, and equipment. These types of items may be consumed in the library but only at individual study carrels and study tables. Food and drink are not allowed in the Computer Lab and around other electronic Library equipment. Food is not allowed in Group Study rooms (but drinks in closed, non-spillable containers are OK).
  2. The following are representative of the types of food not allowed in the library: odorous, greasy, noisy when eaten (e.g., pizza, soup, tacos, burgers), and meals and restaurant foods (e.g., fast food items and microwaveable meals). These types of food must be consumed outside the library.
  3. Students are expected to clean up after eating in the library. Remember, food and food packaging attracts bugs. Dispose of crumbs and trash in appropriate closed garbage containers so that a clean, presentable environment is maintained. WSBA will provide cleaning supplies in the copier rooms on each level of the library. Report any spills you cannot effectively clean up to staff at the library circulation desk so that appropriate action can be taken. Wash your hands with soap and water after eating and before using library materials or computer equipment.

Questions about this policy should be directed to Professor Thomas Sneed, Library Director.

September 1, 2011; revised July 6, 2017.