Vision and Mission Statements

1. Vision Statement

Washburn University School of Law prepares outstanding lawyers and legally trained professionals to serve their local, national, and global communities with excellence, integrity, and professionalism; and through its scholarship and service strives to contribute to the development of the law and a more just society.

2. Mission Statement

Washburn Law has a multi-faceted mission:

Teaching and Student Development – Washburn Law provides an outstanding legal education for future leaders in our society. We combine innovative teaching approaches with individualized and focused attention in a collegial and collaborative learning environment. We ensure that our graduates have acquired the knowledge, skills, and values necessary to serve their clients and provide leadership in their local, national, and global communities. Washburn Law proactively assists in placing students on the path to success in a wide range of possible careers.
Scholarship – Washburn Law is committed to the development of scholarship. We recognize that scholarship not only informs and enriches our teaching, but also influences academic, judicial, and professional discourse on a wide range of legal issues, thereby contributing to the world of ideas and the development of the law and a more just society.
Service – Washburn Law's faculty, staff, and students build on a strong tradition of service, contributing in various ways to enhancing the strength, integrity, and dynamism of the legal system and the rule of law, at the local, national, and international levels.
Diversity – Washburn Law contributes to the development of a more diverse legal profession, and to the fostering of the principles of equality in our society more broadly, by striving to create a law school community that is itself diverse, inclusive, and sensitive to the diversity-related issues in law and society.

(both statements approved by the faculty, April 25, 2016)

See also: Strategic Planning.