Visiting Credit

Washburn University School of Law accepts up to six hours of credit for students visiting at another law school on the following conditions:

  • The law school must be ABA accredited.
  • The course grade received must be equivalent to C or better. Only course credit transfers to Washburn, not the grade.
  • Required courses and upper level writing and oral requirements must be taken at Washburn. A "Perspectives on the Law" course may be taken at another law school.
  • Credit will not be given for courses that duplicate courses completed at Washburn.
  • The courses must be approved in advance of enrollment by the Washburn University School of Law Curriculum Committee. Students must submit an Application To Transfer Visiting Credit To Washburn Law, listing proposed courses by name and attaching catalog descriptions of the courses.

The Associate Dean for Academic Affairs may approve up to 30 hours of visiting credit (including the six hours mentioned above), subject to the conditions above, in extraordinary circumstances, including:

  1. a student's serious health problem that requires the care of a specialist or a student's close relative or unmarried partner not available in the area;
  2. a serious health problem of student's close relative or unmarried partner requiring the care of the student;
  3. a mandatory job change of the student or the student's spouse or unmarried partner;
  4. a custody dispute in another state that requires the presence of the student during an extended period; or
  5. to take a course not offered at Washburn that is required by an employer as a condition of a pending employment contract.

Adopted by the Faculty, effective 10/3/2001; revised summer 2007; revised 3/8/2010.