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Agricultural Law in a Nutshell

Agricultural Law in a Nutshell by Roger A. McEowen is drawn from his leading, cutting-edge textbook on agricultural law and taxation. The Nutshell is specifically developed to meet the needs of the students, instructors, lawyers as well as farmers, ranchers, rural landowners agri-businesses and lawyers as a handy summary of key areas of the law impacting agriculture. Material covered includes:

  • an introduction to agricultural law,
  • contracts,
  • agricultural financing,
  • bankruptcy,
  • real property,
  • cooperatives,
  • civil liabilities,
  • water law,
  • environmental law,
  • and regulatory law.

The Nutshell covers the general principles of law for ease of class discussion and provides a balance of textual explanation with case citations.

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ISBN: 9781683282570