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Principles of Agricultural Law

Principles of Agricultural Law by Roger A. McEowen is an 870-page leading, cutting-edge textbook on agricultural law and taxation. Now in its 52nd release (Jan. 2023), Principles is used in law schools, universities and community colleges. The text is specifically developed to meet the needs of the classroom, with detailed case citations and other references.

The book addresses the broad array of legal issues facing producers, agribusinesses, and other rural landowners. Material covered in the book includes contracts, agricultural financing, banking transactions, bankruptcy, farm income tax, real property, farm estate planning, farm business planning, cooperatives, civil liabilities, criminal liabilities, water law, environmental law, and regulatory law.

The text covers the general principles of law for ease of class discussion and provides a nice balance of case reading and textual explanation. Principles of Agricultural Law blends the features of a casebook and a law treatise, with cases chosen that illustrate the concepts discussed in the text to provide a real-life relevance to the reader.

Other features of the text include:

  • For students, study questions at the end of each chapter.
  • For instructors, sample exam questions, quiz questions, and problem sets are available.
  • Complete case tables by court and jurisdiction.
  • Glossary of key legal terms and index of topics.
  • Powerpoint slides for an additional charge.
  • Abridged versions can be created to tailor the text exactly to the user's need (separate pricing applies).
  • Full volume and abridged version available in CD format.

The text is fully updated twice annually (August and January), and is always current. The updates ("Releases") are available for an annual subscription cost.

See the complete table of contents and index (1.8 MB PDF).

  • Full volume (print): $199.00
  • Full volume (CD): $150.00
  • Abridged version (print or CD): price varies
  • Powerpoint slides: $495.00
  • Updates: $80 per year (two releases)
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