Photograph: Washburn Law Clinic.

Litigation Clinic: Civil

Interns in the civil section of the Litigation Clinic represent clients facing a wide range of legal issues.

These interns soon understand the connection between specific legal problems and public policy concerns and how general civil cases are often affected by family law, criminal law and other legal issues. Most of the civil section’s cases take place in Shawnee County District Court, Topeka Municipal Court and before administrative tribunals.

Examples of case types include:

  • Consumer issues
  • Landlord/tenant disputes
  • Public benefits cases
  • Elder law and estate planning
  • Expungement of criminal records

Students in each section of the Litigation Clinic interview clients, pursue fact investigation, develop case strategies, counsel clients, prepare and respond to pleadings, engage in discovery and negotiations, and represent clients in court and administrative agencies. Interns are the primary counsel on their cases with coaching and mentorship from faculty.

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Photograph: Michelle Ewert.

Michelle Ewert
Associate Professor of Law