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Children and Family Law

Students interested in pursuing a career in family law will find an innovative interdisciplinary curriculum at Washburn Law designed to offer a combination of legal knowledge, practical skills, and the ethical foundation essential to serve families and children at their most vulnerable times.

Washburn Law has historically developed its programs around both theory and practical skills training and we continue to refine our methods and enhance our curricula to meet prevailing needs. In addition to the traditional classes, the Children and Family Law Center offers students training in crucial skills such as counseling, negotiation, mediation, interdisciplinary research and advocacy.

Students also have the opportunity to represent clients through the Children and Family Law Clinic, focus their course of study by obtaining a Family Law Certificate, enroll in an externship, or participate in a number of extracurricular activities.

Photograph: Justin Pierson

"Divorce Practice not only taught me how to draft petitions, divide property, and calculate child support but also how to interact with clients and other attorneys, which helped to make my summer internship a more productive and valuable experience."

— Justin Pierson, '14
Faculty Member
Photograph: Linda Elrod.
Linda Henry Elrod 
Richard S. Righter Distinguished Professor of Law