Image: Oil and Gas Law Illustration.

Oil and Gas Law

Washburn University School of Law established its Oil and Gas program nearly a quarter of a century ago to meet the ongoing and ever-changing demands of the industry. Our location in the heartland -- the Kansas oil and gas industry ranks third in the nation for oil and gas exploration -- offers prime access to the industry, its leaders, and experts.

Because of our program's solid history, national prominence, and location, we have one of the most extensive oil and gas law curricula in the nation, with distinctive course offerings each semester to prepare students for the contemporary practice of oil and gas law and related fields.

Our full-time tenured professors who teach courses associated with the Washburn Law Oil and Gas program are leaders in the industry. Prominent practicing oil and gas lawyers volunteer their time and expertise for the Mineral Title Examination course and other special events that directly benefit our students. In fact, it's not uncommon for a judge to work hand-in-hand with our students imparting knowledge and offering expertise in Oil and Gas Law.

Photograph: Burke Griggs.

Burke W. Griggs
Associate Professor of Law