Cheryl Nichols, Fall 2014 Scholar in Residence

Photograph: Cheryl Nichols.The Business and Transactional Law Center welcomes Professor Cheryl C. Nichols to Washburn Law as its fall 2014 Scholar in Residence. During her October 9-10, 2014 visit Professor Nichols will attend classes, meet with students, engage with faculty, and give a lunchtime lecture.

Cheryl C. Nichols is a tenured Associate Professor at the Howard University School of Law. She teaches and writes about international and domestic securities regulation, broker/dealer regulation, securities enforcement, corporate law, and commercial law. She also taught at the University at Buffalo (SUNY) where she established and operated a securities clinic which provided legal assistance in resolving investor-broker disputes and unbiased investment education. The Securities Clinic was one of the first institutional participants in the Securities and Exchange Commission's (SEC) Securities Arbitration Pilot Program. Professor Nichols has presented in various venues, including the XIII and IVX Congreso Hemisferico for the Prevention of Money Laundering and Financial Terrorism, the SEC Law Student Observer Program, and the Society of American Law Teachers (SALT). Her publications include "Mutual Recognition Based on Substituted Compliance: In Integral Component of the SEC's Mandate," 34 North Carolina Journal of International Law & Commercial Regulation 1 (2008) [read article, 471 KB PDF] and "The Importance of Selective Federal Preemption in the US Securities Regulatory Framework: A Lesson From Canada Our Neighbor to the North," 10 Chapman Law Review 391 (2006) [read article, 648 KB PDF].

Prior to her teaching career, Professor Nichols was a Senior Counsel at the SEC, Enforcement Division, Atlanta Regional Office. While at the SEC, she prosecuted cases in the areas of securities fraud, broker/dealer registration, and municipal securities. She was also a surety underwriter at Safeco Insurance Companies, a financial analyst at American Express, and a credit manager at Royal Trust Bank.

Professor Nichols is a member of the Georgia Bar Association and a member of the International Securities & Capital Markets and Business Law Sections of the American Bar Association. She is also a public arbitrator for the Financial Industry Regulatory Association. Professor Nichols received her Juris Doctorate from Georgia State University and a Masters of Business Administration from the University of Miami.

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