Tribal and Indian Law

With 566 sovereign governments existing within U.S. borders, many law graduates will practice in Tribal Courts on behalf of tribes and individuals, regardless of whether the client is an Indian person or entity. There are four federally recognized tribes in Kansas:

  • Iowa Tribe
  • Kickapoo Tribe in Kansas
  • Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation
  • Sac and Fox Nation of Missouri

Washburn Law offers a course of study in tribal law, federal Indian law, and the international law of indigenous peoples. Our curriculum examines the intersections between state, federal, and tribal law, as well as the internal laws of many tribal nations within the United States. These multiple perspectives allow students to study law from a variety of Western and Indigenous points of view.

Faculty Members
Photograph: Antonina Kowalska.

Antonina Kowalska
Professor of Law