Photograph: Shelby Grau.

Shelby Grau

Director of Compliance and Administration
B.A., Washburn University, 2003
J.D., Washburn University, 2007
Contact Information:
Room 331A

Shelby Grau began her career in law as an assistant to a solo practitioner while a college student at Washburn University. After graduating from Washburn Law and passing the bar exam, she worked in diverse areas of law practice, including serving as a government tax attorney, non-profit project manager assisting domestic violence and sexual assault survivors, and a healthcare legal services coordinator. Most recently Shelby worked as a manager at CS DISCO, a legal tech provider, managing all aspects of discovery for both law firm and corporate clients. When not working, Shelby spends time with her family, enjoys intense board game battles, and writes fiction.

Director Grau also oversees disability accommodations.

Support Staff
Donna McMurry
Room 202