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Farm Economic Issues and Implications

Professor Roger A. McEowen | May 9, 2022 | Read this blog post

Summary: A firm understanding of the economic context within which the farmers and ranchers operate is necessary for both tax planning and financial planning. The creation and dissolution of legal entities, the restructuring of debt, and the use of various legal devices for the protection of assets from creditors and preserving inheritances cannot successfully be accomplished without knowledge of agriculture that transcends the applicable legal rules. Crop production, energy issues, monetary policy, issues in the meat sector and unanticipated outside shocks have farm-level impacts that professional advisors and counselors need to account for when representing farm and ranch clients.

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John Spisak | November 10, 2022 | PDF Version (141 KB)

Summary: The United States Supreme Court reversed the Third Circuit's ruling that Eleventh Amendment sovereign immunity barred private parties from exercising delegated federal eminent powers.  PennEast Pipeline Company held a Federal Energy Regulatory Commission certificate for public convenience and necessity authorizing the construction of a natural gas pipeline from Pennsylvania to New Jersey.  Even though the Court correctly held that the federal government can delegate its power to sue the nonconsenting states, the Court's reasoning did not rationally support its holding.

Preferred Citation: John SpisakThe Right Pipeline for All the Wrong Reasons, 62 Washburn L.J. Online 1 (2022), https://washburnlaw.edu/wljonline/spisak-pipeline.

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